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Doosan donated Doosan's small engineering machinery to the army

Doosan donated Doosan's small engineering machinery to the army

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Doosan recently announced that in order to help Yangkou BAITOUSHAN Army (Army 21st Division) in Jiangyuan Road carry out outdoor operations such as snow removal, it donated a compacttrackloader and five attachments of Doosan

the president of Park Tingyuan Doosan group, who attended the donation ceremony of the Baitoushan army on the same day, said: "it's snowy in winter, and the soldiers are very hard. I hope these equipment can help in some way."

small crawler loader (CTL) is a representative product of Doosan, the world's largest small-scale construction machinery enterprise. By replacing the front accessory device with the American lp-esp device, it can be used not only in construction sites, but also in snow removal operations, material handling and other fields

group photo

on December 8, President Park attended the "delivering love tea" activity in the Baitoushan army, and learned at the activity site that the Army soldiers were very hard because of frequent snowfall in winter, so Doosan decided to donate Doosan's equipment when looking for ways to support

on December 2, at present, on December 1, the president of Park Tingyuan Doosan group (fourth from the left) visited the Yangkou BAITOUSHAN Army (21st Division) in Jiangyuan road and donated Doosan small crawler loaders and accessories that can be used in snow removal operations, and then took a group photo with the head of hyuksookim Army (third from the right above), the president of scottpark Doosan (second from the right above) and others

a relevant person from Doosan explained that "considering the characteristics of the army, and the full supply of chuangxianghui, you can exchange face-to-face with the industry masters. You think it is most suitable to donate Doosan small crawler loaders that can be widely used in various operating environments." (this article is from Doosan)

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