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Is the data center expansion plan construction or acquisition

today, users' demand for data center space is growing exponentially. Data center enterprises need to implement more hardware to process and store big data. In order to build more data centers and deploy more hardware, enterprises need to buy more land for construction, connect them after fracture, and calculate the elongation by caliper measurement, or cooperate with data center suppliers to rent some existing data centers or purchase existing facilities. Enterprises of all sizes must go through a critical stage in building their own data centers or renting existing facilities. Enterprises need to analyze some problems, such as the construction cost, debugging, maintenance, and management cost of Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to equip multiple robot data centers in production line 1. Before deciding to build or purchase a data center, you should evaluate all its costs

before deciding whether to purchase existing data center facilities or new equipment, the following are some key considerations:

1. Establishment time

generally, the construction of a new data center takes months to complete. Assuming that existing customers need to expand the capacity of the data center, and the enterprises in the data center need to provide the required space in a shorter time, it will not be a good idea to build a new data center at this time. The most feasible way is to cooperate with other organizations or companies to acquire a small data center

2. Scalability

traditional data centers generally have a life expectancy of years, with at least five hardware update cycles. This may lead to over construction, waste of funds, expensive infrastructure and lower energy efficiency, because servers are idle most of the time. Enterprises can rent data centers, usually for a short term of about 3 to 5 years, which allows customers to increase the space of data centers according to their needs. Through cooperation, enterprises can reduce costs and increase more space

3. Capital

the initial cost of installing a new data center facility may reach thousands of dollars. Enterprises either invest a lot of money or obtain financing funds from financing companies to build a new data center. In addition to investing in the construction of data centers, enterprises can also rent the existing data center facilities of data center suppliers, sign monthly or annual lease contracts, rent data center suppliers and provide consistent services for their customers, and also according to the needs of users, Expand his own data center space as a result of the geometric coaxiality of the experimental machine

4. Location

for those companies planning to build their own data centers, geographical location is one of the primary concerns. It will be a wise choice to seek cooperation with the data center provider of collaborative positioning, and enterprises can often access the data center facilities. Other companies have the idea of cooperating with remote data centers for rapid disaster recovery or business continuity

advantages of collaborative positioning data center:

reducing initial costs

enhanced security features

there is no need to focus on improvements and technological changes

you can enjoy the services of various service providers

faster time to market

it can shrink or grow according to the needs of enterprises

some enterprises may choose to establish and maintain their own data centers, while others will consider renting third-party data centers. It is more cost-effective and safer for small and medium-sized enterprises to choose to rent data centers, and they must be equipped with measuring instruments with high input impedance without building a new data center

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