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Is the future development trend of CTP violet laser

comparison of photosensitive and thermal processing processes

from the above characteristics, it can be inferred that violet laser CTP technology has great development prospects. The continuous improvement of the quality of Fujifilm CTP products, the selection of a variety of photosensitive plates, and the release of non processing photosensitive plates have made the fortress of the brilliant thermal technology invincible. At the same time, the era of FM plus and hybrid plus being monopolized has passed, and many suppliers have this technical advantage. Moreover, the myth that only thermal technology can be used without processing technology has also been broken. Of course, this view is based on the premise that the products of all purple laser equipment manufacturers have reached the same high quality level. Whether this is the case in the actual market competition still needs to be constantly verified

andrew distribute's view

Andrew TR, a British consultant expert, should be isolated when not in use. Ibute believes that thermosensitive CTP is losing its previous competitive advantage. With the improvement of the highest resolution that Fujifilm photopolymerization CTP version can achieve, the quality and performance of thermal and violet laser CTP have reached the same level, but the problems of liquid medicine management still need to be solved

on the other hand, the use cost of violet laser CTP is significantly reduced, while the production capacity has increased significantly. In addition, violet laser equipment is more stable. For the current thermal system, if you want to get higher productivity, you need more powerful light sources, but at the same time, you must also bear higher costs

is violet laser the future direction of CTP

in terms of problems affecting the development of violet laser technology, the situation has changed, which is mainly due to the development of newer technology. For example, in the past, there was only Nichia as a supplier of purple laser light source, but now it includes Sanyo, Toshiba and other suppliers. The next generation products of violet laser light source will be introduced in 2006 from the beginning of high-yield utilization, and its light source energy will reach 200MW or even higher. At the same time, the research and development work is also in progress, and a new laser module including four or more laser heads will be produced to make it possible to produce a laser light source with a total output of 500 ~ 3000MW. In addition, laboratory research is also under way, which will provide light sources with hundreds of purple laser beams for application in most optical systems. Andrew distribute believes that thermal CTP technology has developed to its peak state, including imaging head technology and plate sensitivity. With the gradual elimination of the gap in quality of purple laser system, coupled with the huge development potential of purple laser diode, higher output productivity, and lower use and maintenance cost of purple laser system, purple laser is the future development trend of CTP for Andrew distribute

of course, we need to pay attention to other phenomena when discussing future trends

(1) in VLF large format and 700mm × In the 1000mm format market, that is, the market where CTP first entered, the heat sensitive scheme still has an advantage. Over the years, practice has proved that users have a great dependence on brands and are unwilling to accept other solutions except the mainstream ones

(2) because it has occupied the market for a long time, thermal plates and thermal CTP have played a leading role in users' experience and quality control assurance

(3) diode based thermosensitive CTP, such as Luscher and RI in Lausanne, Switzerland. In particular, they pioneered an economical method of cell tissue culture through 3D printing processes such as FDM. The maintenance and use cost of this screen's CTP is far lower than the system mentioned by Andrew tribute

(3) the three important consumables suppliers seem to be inclined to establish a high price market segmentation in the plate market, which is also the competition in the current processing free plate market

(4) Fuji gum, which determines the size of fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation, is the only one that indicates that the future development trend of CTP will be an important plate supplier of violet laser equipment. At the same time, it is also striving to develop in this direction. (end)

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