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Hardware automatic square tube polishing machine explanation is easy to use

hardware automatic square tube polishing machine explanation is easy to use

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China has gradually become a world hardware processing and export country. China has become one of the largest hardware producers in the world, with a broad market and consumption potential. At present, at least 70% of China's hardware industry is private enterprises, which is the main force in the development of China's hardware industry. In the International Hardware Market: due to the rapid development of production technology and the rise of labor prices, developed countries in Europe and the United States have transferred universal products to developing countries to produce only high value-added products, while China has a strong market potential, so it is more conducive to develop into a major hardware processing and export country. The latter requires the use of fine materials to make the polishing damage layer shallow, but the polishing rate is low. The solution to this contradiction is to divide polishing into two stages

The operation of the square tube polishing machine is relatively simple. The operator only needs to place the object to be polished on the corresponding fixture in advance. Fix the fixture on the square tube polishing machine workbench. When using the polishing machine for polishing, we need to grasp some skills of the polishing equipment, so that we can greatly improve the working efficiency of the equipment and better play the role of the equipment. Now let's take a look at the detailed introduction: (1) as a strengthening layer, tungsten steel layer can be used to reduce friction resistance, improve mechanical accuracy, improve cutting performance and prolong its service life. (2) Advanced frequency automatic tracking technology, developed dermatoglyphics processing, automatic sensor, ultrasonic mold polishing machine, dermatoglyphics processing, automatic ultrasonic EDM mold polishing machine. (3) The mold polishing machine can be used to fix the parts and fixtures in the specified position, and then exert extrusion pressure on the grinding abrasive. The extrusion honing machine has two opposite abrasive cylinders, which clamp parts or clamps when closed. (4) When the grinding abrasive is squeezed from one cylinder to another, the constrained part of the part will have the grinding effect. Through the pre adjusted stroke position and preset honing times, the part will be ground, polished and rounded. The extrusion honing machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient adjustment and multiple functions

due to the mature polishing technology of stainless steel polishing machine, it has been highly praised in the decoration industry. It has the characteristics of time saving, simple process, good quality, high brightness and less pollution. 1. The frame plate is thickened, the plane is milled after overall welding, and the aging treatment. Based on this, the low-temperature brittleness, blue brittleness and recrystallization brittleness of the material can be evaluated. The machine is solid and the shock proof effect is good; 2. It can quickly replace vulnerable parts. Some domestic manufacturers can output 5 (6) items, and add new dust covers and elbows, which have good dust-proof effect and better motor protection; 3. The host uses the main frequency motor for speed regulation, which is stable and saves power. The small stainless steel polishing machine is mainly used for polishing stainless steel products such as stainless steel tubes, round tubes, round rods, square tubes, etc. the technical requirements are to realize the automatic polishing function in the plane transportation of the polishing machine during the polishing process. After adding abrasive, it will produce physical reaction, realize polishing, strong gloss, and good three-dimensional feeling. Stainless steel polishing machine can also Polish curved surfaces. Sanitary ware and hardware handles are highly required in the polishing process, so the quality of the polishing machine is also very important. The automatic polishing machine should try to get a polishing speed of * 5. Regularly check the transmission rate of the sprocket in order to remove the damaged layer during polishing as soon as possible. At the same time, the polishing damage layer should not affect the finally observed tissue, that is, it will not cause false tissue. The former requires the use of coarse abrasive to ensure a larger polishing rate to remove the polished damage layer

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