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Is the construction machinery bringing goods or brand promotion

does construction machinery bring goods or brand promotion

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in the construction machinery industry, live broadcasting with goods has become a common practice. In addition to Zoomlion, many construction machinery enterprises including Sany, XCMG, Liugong, Shanhe intelligence have joined the live broadcasting ranks, and live broadcasting with goods has become a new marketing trend. On September 28, it was the "birthday" of the 28th birthday. Zoomlion 928 hi Purchase Fair was broadcast synchronously on more than 10 platforms. Six series of products, including engineering hoisting machinery, concrete machinery, construction hoisting machinery, piling machinery, earth moving machinery and aerial work machinery, were launched. The bosses of all business divisions took the lead as the anchor of goods delivery in person, with a turnover of 3.218 billion yuan in one and a half hours

since February, Zoomlion has carried out live broadcast marketing activities almost every month, but in the past, it was either excavators or mixer trucks, but this time it was the whole product line involved

not only Zoomlion, but also many construction machinery enterprises, including Sany, XCMG, Liugong, Shanhe intelligent, have joined the live broadcast

On March 18, Sany Heavy Industry held an online live Shopping Festival to drive the spring sales of concrete construction machinery. Sany Institute of technology has also adopted online teaching and joined the live interactive mode, and the teaching videos released have even been listed on the microblog hot search rankings. In the afternoon of April 11, the global tour of Liugong products was officially launched at Liugong headquarters in Liuzhou. During the two online promotions on February 5 and March 5, Liugong excavator business received nearly 3300 orders

on April 29, XCMG's online procurement festival was officially launched, with a number of its best-selling models appearing in the "cloud live broadcast". On May 20, XCMG held the first live broadcast of the second international customer Festival series, achieving a turnover of more than 400 sets of construction machinery products with a turnover of more than 150million yuan. At the "618 XCMG hi Shopping Festival", its hoisting machinery, excavation machinery, loading machinery, concrete machinery, truck mounted cranes, environmental sanitation equipment, heavy trucks and other goods were brought online one after another, setting a sales record of more than 300 million yuan

in order to make bringing goods more attractive, the bosses of various enterprises even took the fight in person. He Qinghua, chairman of the "Post-70s" of gongshanhe intelligent, once became popular in the construction machinery industry, and some critics even called him "the first person in the 'live broadcasting' of construction machinery"

industry analysts said that under the catalysis of the epidemic, the live broadcast war spread to all fields, and the construction machinery industry, which has long relied on offline trading scenarios, was helpless in the early stage of the epidemic. At the same time, because the new infrastructure is a major benefit to the construction machinery industry this year, enterprises have accelerated the incoming live broadcast in order to grab orders. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, enterprises will have a backlog of inventory, and live delivery can also digest inventory products more or less. However, in addition to the purpose of directly promoting sales, enterprises are more concerned about brand promotion. "For the sake of the brand, then bring the goods live!" According to he Qinghua, the sales volume of a single live broadcast is not the main goal. Its starting point is to rely on the Internet platform to promote brand building and stimulate market sales. In the live broadcast of he Qinghua, the live broadcast was mainly with 400000 friends in the plant area. 4. Nondestructive testing instruments (magnetic particle flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector γ Radiographic flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, acoustic emission detector, etc.); Carry out interactive exchanges, and focus on the Shanhe intelligent modern excavator assembly workshop and rotary drilling rig assembly workshop

in the first live broadcast of XCMG's second international customer Festival series for nearly two hours, the venue was XCMG group's test site, the largest professional construction machinery test site in China, and excavators, loaders, road machinery, heavy trucks, etc. were jointly operated and constructed in an environment simulating a region in Southeast Asia, in order to make the global audience feel the performance of their displayed products

the live broadcast purpose of Sany Heavy Industry is more clear. On September 3, during the live broadcast of "treasure Hunan", Sany specially selected its lighthouse factory to reflect its intelligent manufacturing strength. In addition, in the live broadcast, the front-line backbones of Sany also restated the performance of Sany's mechanical products in disaster relief during the Chile mine disaster in 2010 and the Fukushima nuclear power plant leak in 2011. With this flexible knowledge narrative method, the live broadcast has also won the praise of many friends, which has enhanced the trust of customers in terms of professionalism

he Qinghua said that the market and sales of the construction machinery industry are very different from those of ordinary industries. What enterprises can do is to pay attention to brand building, comprehensively display the company's scale, manufacturing system, R & D personnel progress, etc., so that the outside world can understand the enterprise and pave the way for the market. In addition to brand building, it is also a good way to attract investment through live broadcasting. Through the study and judgment of the overseas epidemic situation, Shanhe intelligence also plans to vigorously develop overseas agents through online live broadcasting. In the future, the company will set up special live broadcasts in Europe and North America, and eliminate the cognitive bias of overseas agents on China's manufacturing productivity and innovation ability through online live broadcasting

"many European agents may not have been to China. A live broadcast may overturn foreigners' original imagination and cognition of made in China." He Qinghua said

the above analysts also believe that customers' participation in live broadcast and delivery, stimulated by preferential policies, is not only easy to stimulate customers' desire to buy, but also feel the youthful vitality and innovative changes of the enterprise while sensing the brand appeal of the construction machinery enterprise, which enhances customers' recognition of the strength and culture of the enterprise one by one

Liu Peng, assistant general manager of XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division, sighed after the live broadcast that for loaders, the audience gave them hundreds of effective experience and optimization suggestions in use. It is understood that Liugong's product lines are currently doing live broadcasts. Zeng angung also said, "the cost of live broadcasting is relatively low, and it can let customers know about enterprises and products in multiple directions, which is much more vivid than the previous simple advertising page." At the same time, compared with independent brands, foreign brands such as Komatsu, Scania, Volvo, caterpillar, Kobelco, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Doosan, SM, John Deere and jacib have launched the marketing of live broadcast and goods in China. In this regard, the above analysts believe that compared with foreign brands, independent brands are more flexible in marketing, which is also an opportunity for domestic independent construction machinery enterprises

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