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Whether the ERP decision of small and medium-sized enterprises is really groundless

"When an enterprise moves from a relatively small scale to a relatively large business scale, and when there is a major change in its industry and market, the inflection point of enterprise organizational change will appear. And transformation is that when an enterprise develops to a certain scale, when the management of the enterprise can no longer adapt to the development of the enterprise, and when the business environment changes, transformation will follow." This is what Chen Huixiang, a visiting professor in business schools of many well-known universities in China, said when giving strategic consultation to Zhejiang property group

the characteristic of modern circulation enterprises is that the expansion of quantity is synchronized with the improvement of quality. However, quantity and quality should be coordinated and synchronized. Only our experimental machine in the transformation and growth can be realized after long-term research by engineers. In 2010, the strategic goal of Zhejiang products group is to achieve a sales scale of 100billion and a sales profit margin of 1.5%

three platforms information is the most important

it is in the face of this high-speed growth pressure and to get rid of the empirical management of traditional logistics enterprises that Zhejiang products has determined three platforms, namely, financial platform, information platform and logistics platform construction strategy

"from the perspective of the construction of three platforms, the most important thing running through this main line is the information platform. From getting rid of traditional empirical management to modern management, it is our eyes and hands. Through information means, we can increase the scope, field and timeliness of our management, and improve the intelligent decision-making ability of enterprises." Liaojianxin, Minister of the circulation department of Zhejiang products group, described the role of information platforms

in fact, the information platform construction of Zhejiang products has been carried out very early, but the establishment of many ERP systems has increased the existence of information islands. Due to the introduction of a large number of ERP systems in the early stage of informatization, multiple platforms and various software cannot be shared within the whole group, and it is impossible to realize the effective transmission and processing of information, let alone support decision-making, which makes the whole system lose the ability to help enterprises change their management methods

therefore, in the construction of information platform, how to get through the new information island formed by different ERP software, which is closely connected with China's extruder products and strategic new industries, is the primary task of Zhejiang products, and truly realize the integration and unified management of the management system between various entities of the group geographically

in view of the current situation of enterprise information construction, Zhejiang property industry has started to implement ERP in two stages, "The first stage, starting from 2005, is to build the information platform of the whole property group on the basis of determining the information standards of the property group. Building the information value-added of the group is highway VPN. With this network foundation, various software application systems within the group can communicate on VPN, can carry out integrated management, can collect, sort out and analyze some information, and finally for us Provide services for decision-making. The other is the networking of financial information. This system is customized by Kingdee for the material industry group and can meet the company's financial needs. This construction has been completed and put into normal operation. It can be said that the informatization goal of the first phase has been completed at the beginning of this year. " Minister Liao said

"The initial battle of financial informatization construction has been won. In the second stage, the group should focus on promoting the ERP system at all levels of the enterprise, including upper control of resources, Zhongzhu logistics and lower construction of networks. To build a financial platform and logistics platform, there must be strong informatization as a support. The construction of informatization platform can improve 1. The intensive management ability of semiconductor silicon materials, so as to promote the implementation of development strategy. Only in this way can the group grasp the dynamic in real time Information, real-time decision-making. At the same time, through such a platform, the management of the group's branches can be better realized, and the branches can carry out trade worldwide. "

erp launched financial pilot

from the perspective of enterprise management, financial informatization is only one aspect, but financial informatization is the most standardized, modular and easy to realize. It is also the most urgent in terms of use requirements. After determining group finance as the first step of ERP implementation, the project team still encountered some difficulties. In the initial plan of the project team, the group's financial accounting, budget, funds, consolidated statements and other businesses should be implemented together, but the eight kinds of software being used by the group's subordinate enterprises give the project team a headache. One solution is to replace all the existing eight kinds of software, and the other is to realize the integration of heterogeneous systems and achieve the management objectives of the group

considering the cost factor, the first scheme was soon rejected, so the rest is system integration. After deciding that the software system of the subordinate organization does not need to be replaced, the project team is not smooth sailing. The first thing is which part of the specific business content of financial management is implemented first. After research and analysis, the project decided to implement the group's consolidated reporting system first, Xu yuanbiao, director of the Information Department of Zhejiang products group, has a deep understanding of this: "At that time, we urgently needed a system to monitor the financial affairs of our 145 member enterprises and realize the centralized control of the financial system. When the software system of subordinate member enterprises could not be unified, the best way was to develop a new aqueous polyurethane adhesive solution suitable for the Chinese market through Bayer materials technology. Report monitoring. Usually, subordinate enterprises would submit many forms, and manual operation was time-consuming and laborious, at the bottom The tier company began to declare on the 2nd, and it was already after the 18th when it arrived at the group headquarters, which was very detrimental to the monitoring of the entire financial management of the group. "

there is still a big gap in the timeliness, accuracy and comprehensiveness of the current report consolidation for the group's financial management, and the workload of business processing is also large. Therefore, in the whole implementation process, the project needs to implement the guiding ideology of "top-down planning, bottom-up implementation" and the overall plan, distributed implementation, firmly grasp the basic informatization of the group's consolidated statements, and effectively build an informatization basic platform

due to the multi-level, diversified industries, wide geographical distribution, many members and many reports of the property group, this work is quite complicated. In order to make the whole financial information construction

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