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Is the electric wrench practical and what we need to pay attention to when using

Abstract: for the installation industry of steel structures, the application of electric wrenches is very extensive. It is a wrench with power supply or battery as the energy source. It is a tool that can tighten bolts. What are the precautions in the use of electric wrench

electric wrench use

electric wrench can tighten bolts well. Compared with manual wrench, it does not need manual force and is very convenient to use. When we use the electric wrench, we need to pull the wrench gently and evenly. When using the electric wrench, it is likely that due to our negligence, there is a huge impulse when we yank it again. Often at the moment when we stop using the force, the bolt or screw has been over screwed by us at this time, which is still very troublesome for the subsequent or carried items to bear the assistance of transportation resonance. Therefore, we must not use a very hasty force to pull the electric wrench

it is necessary to regularly clean the pollutants of the electric wrench. If the parts of the electric wrench or analyze your situation and translate your needs into specific system requirements is that the screw hole is contaminated with other foreign objects, it is likely to cause a certain deviation in the torque value. Moreover, friction is very common in use, but it also has its double-sided effect. On the good side, it can make the electric wrench and the screw hole combine efficiently without loosening. For the bad side, it may produce wrong results when tightening. Therefore, about half of the tightening force is usually used to overcome the friction between bolts. Moreover, additional friction will be generated for the surface lines between bolts and screw holes, so these factors also need to be taken into account

most of the time, when we use electric wrenches, there is damage on the tightening thread or its surface, or there is a certain obstacle on the nut and bolt. At this time, we need to judge how much additional torque is required for the damaged part, and this torque needs to be added to a specific torque value, so we can carry out the operation accurately

electric wrench is essential in the installation industry, but we also need to pay attention to the above problems when using it, so that it can be used efficiently and safely

for the installation industry of steel structures, electric wrenches are widely used. It is a wrench with power supply or battery as the energy source. It is a tool that can tighten bolts, and it can be specially used to install bolts with high strength, which are usually the connection points of steel structures. Therefore, manual wrenches are often difficult to achieve results. Which industries need transformation. Is it practical for electric wrenches? What precautions should we pay attention to in the process of use

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