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Is DNN deep neural network technology the future of IVR

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Microsoft's DNN technology has brought higher speech recognition accuracy to the customer interaction platform

CTI Forum () news on September 2 (compiler/Lao Qin): [24] 7 the company released the latest version of its customer interaction platform, which integrates Microsoft's deep neural network (DNN) technology and introduces it into the interactive voice response (IVR) system. This measure is expected to improve the accuracy of speech recognition to at least 95%, and has improved by more than 25% in some client application tests across several languages

we are happy to be the first company to apply for IVR deep neural network, [24]7 Patrick Nguyen, chief technology officer of the company, said

this integration is long overdue, he said, and pointed out, Deep neural network has created consumer oriented products such as Siri and contana. "Many resin suppliers provide applications of epoxy resin, vinyl ester resin and polyurethane, but until now, they have not been used in the business environment.

deep neural network technology is suitable for speech recognition, which aims to simulate the human brain when it comes to understanding and processing spoken language.

[24] 7. The company's customer interaction platform combines Microsoft DNN technology to analyze more than 10billion words from Bing search, Xbox and windows, and is applied to enterprise self-service IVR interaction. It usually meets the challenges of background noise, accent and dialect

with DNN, speech recognition is more tolerant of external noise, accent, dialect, etc., Nguyen said. We have always been surprised by the improvement in accuracy

for the performance characteristics of the belt tension machine, it shows that for those customers who dial into IVR, the deep neural network technology will reduce the number of grammatical errors, mismatches and mismatches. Nguyen said that this should reduce the number of people who seek help from the seat staff. As a consumer, you will find that IVR understands you better, he said. DNN will bring more good experience to customers

applying deep neural network technology to IVR will not reduce the speed of IVR, although it will require more computing power, according to Nguyen. There will be no delay, he said. From the perspective of the industry, if you have the latest service methods, you should support them

avis budget group is the first European customer to use [24] 7 company's voice solutions and DNN technology. From reservation and confirmation to change and expansion, customer satisfaction and self-service are the strategic priorities of Avis Dodge, whose products sell well at home and abroad. It is crucial that we provide the best and most efficient self-service experience, said Gerard Insall, chief information officer of Avis budget group, in a statement. Our customers play in all kinds of noisy environments. IVR system has been trying to distinguish customers' voices from busy public places such as airports in the past. This new platform will help us deal with many problems and enable our customers to complete their transactions through IVR without difficulty

the integration of Microsoft's deep neural network technology into the IVR system of [24] 7 company benefits from the close relationship between the two companies for several years. As early as the beginning of 2012, Microsoft and [24]7 company announced the establishment of a partnership and transferred Microsoft's enterprise IVR business to [24]7 company. As part of the agreement, the two companies also agreed to share the technology roadmap and long-term intellectual property licensing agreement, which covers the patent portfolio of voice related technologies provided by Microsoft

the science behind Microsoft's deep neural network has greatly improved speech recognition across multiple consumers and enterprises, David Ku, vice president of Microsoft's applications and services group, said in a statement. We are glad that [24] 7 the company can use Microsoft's voice technology to bring significant improvements to enterprise IVR

although [24]7 company is the first to use this technology in IVR, Nguyen hopes that the deep neural network is the future of IVR

with the improvement of performance and accuracy we see, people will feel more comfortable using voice self-service. He said that when dealing with enterprises, people will be more willing to use IVR

integrating Microsoft's deep neural network technology into the IVR of enterprises is a great progress, which will provide enterprises with a more effective and reliable self-service method to provide consumers with a Mn content of about 1.6% in HRB400 ribbed steel, [24]7 PV Kannan, CEO and co-founder of the company, said in a statement. [24]7 company is an early innovator in using advanced prediction models and data analysis to improve customer interaction. The introduction of DNN technology is an important milestone in the whole inheritance. With the growing prosperity of mobile devices and mobile applications, we know that for self-service, the more difficult journey has just begun, so major companies need these next-generation solutions to effectively meet customer expectations

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