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Corporate culture embraces strength or weakness

corporate culture is an existing phenomenon, a consensus reached by enterprise people, and the sum of values, business ideas, group consciousness, behavior norms and other elements formed in the long-term production and management process. As an individual enterprise material is a very attractive trading point for many strategic buyers, corporate culture refers to all activities of enterprise people. It doesn't matter right or wrong. It refers to the process of interaction between people and enterprises, and plays an important role in the enterprise

corporate culture is often expressed as a kind of personality among enterprises, releasing the unique characteristics and charm of enterprises; Inside the enterprise, however, the enterprise culture shows the amazing commonness of the enterprise people: the same goals, common pursuit, and similar values and cultural core concepts. In fact, corporate culture is alive, a process of enterprise development, representing the events and history of enterprises at different stages of development; It is also an experience of enterprise people in the process of development, which obeys and ultimately serves the requirements of enterprise strategy. Of course, the corporate culture itself is constantly evolving and improving

in the process of enterprise development, it is easy for people to influence the current enterprise with the help of the experience summarized in their own life or brought by other enterprises, and spread and exaggerate within the enterprise through themselves. In this way, there is a confrontation between strong culture and weak culture within the enterprise, and there is a momentum that the east wind overwhelms the west wind, or the west wind is stronger than the east wind. For example, there is a strong learning atmosphere inside the enterprise. The training center is brightly lit every night, the library is crowded, and even the company's cafes are full. This is partly due to the credit of the enterprise for establishing a learning organization. At the same time, it also represents that the corporate culture is in a strong stage in the company. If you want to continue to maintain this advantage, you should actively dredge and guide it

although culture doesn't matter whether it is strong or weak, it's not a matter of who affects who, but when a culture is in the upper hand, it may become the mainstream for a certain period of time. In terms of the division of corporate culture, there are positive culture and negative culture. When the positive culture has a year-on-year increase of 367.12%, the negative culture will break down and even go bankrupt. However, in the process of enterprise development, it is often easy to breed some negative cultures that are inconsistent with the enterprise itself, or even affect the development of the enterprise. Once such negative culture or bad habits rise, the overall image of corporate culture will be attacked and destroyed, and the cultural system formed for a long time will also disappear

the best culture in the enterprise is to suppress adverse phenomena, balance the graphene circuit in China, maintain pressure, and promote its good development advantages. Therefore, we should have a deep understanding of the enterprise culture. Corporate culture is a kind of culture, but it is not a process, system, plan or scheme, nor the culture of the boss. It is not mandatory, invisible and intangible. It cannot be established in a short time, and it will not produce economic benefits. However, as an enterprise behavior, we can directly feel its existence, its leading role and the sustainable economic benefits it brings to the enterprise

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