Is the high price of the hottest children's paint

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Is the high price of special paint for children hype

is the high price of children's special paint hype

April 21, 2014

[China paint information] when buying wall paint, I chose a brand of bamboo charcoal full effect children's paint for the children's room. Later, I found that the brand of bamboo charcoal full effect wall paint with the same weight and similar composition was nearly 200 yuan cheaper. How much is the difference between children's paint and ordinary paint? Is there a unified national standard for "more environmentally friendly" children's paint promoted by businesses

investigation: it is still necessary to improve the system and take multiple measures to play the role of market players such as venture capital. Recently, an investigation was conducted on whether children's paint is more environmentally friendly


spend more money on children's paint

whether it is environmentally friendly "has no concept"

Ms. Mao has a 4-year-old daughter. When buying home decoration materials, Ms. Mao proposed to buy environmentally friendly ones, so the paint shop recommended her to buy children's paint. "Now there are many reports about the formaldehyde and benzene of decoration materials exceeding the standard. I'm afraid when I look at them. I'd rather spend more money to ensure the environment at home." When it comes to shopping, Ms. Mao said frankly that it is a little "child controlled". Anything with the word "child" will be given priority. She had intended to use children's paint only in her daughter's room, but the salesperson reminded that the air was flowing. If the paint in other rooms was not used well, the air quality of the children's room would also be affected. Ms. Mao thought it was reasonable, so she bought all the "children's only" paint

as for whether children's paint is really pollution-free and worth spending more money, Ms. Mao said, "there is no concept", "it is also a 5-liter package, and children's paint is nearly 200 yuan more expensive than ordinary paint."

in the interview, there are not a few consumers who have the same idea as Ms. Mao. "What can be used for children should be the most healthy and environmentally friendly". Many consumers have this mentality

the price of children's paint in the market is 40% higher

but "some current ingredients are higher"

visited several home decoration stores in the city, and found that most paint brands have launched children's special paint, and its price is generally one or two hundred yuan higher than ordinary paint. The price of a 5-liter bucket of bamboo charcoal full effect children's paint of a brand is 635 yuan, while that of bamboo charcoal full effect wall paint of the same specification is only 460 yuan, a difference of 175 yuan. When asked about the difference between the use of these two oil (1) high-performance carbon fiber composites, which still needs several years of exploration and research and development, the shopping guide said: "the VOC (volatile organic compounds) content in children's paint is ultra-low, resistant to repeated scrubbing, and the bamboo charcoal component can also absorb and decompose formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances." When asked about these functions in the introduction of wall paint, the shopping guide said that children's paint has stronger functions and higher ingredients. As for which ingredients are higher, the shopping guide did not give a clear answer. Also asked whether these two kinds of paint have their own national standards. The shopping guide said that in fact, these two types of paint meet the same national standards

when asking about the differences between children's paint of other brands and ordinary paint, the salesperson's answers basically focused on "more environmentally friendly", "easier to scrub", "richer colors", etc. However, when required to provide product test reports or specific data of hazardous substances, most brands cannot issue them


"absolutely environmental protection" is actually a gimmick

there is no national standard for children's paint

in the face of businessmen, songguangsheng, director of the indoor environment monitoring committee of the China Interior Decoration Association, said that paint products are divided into interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, wood paint, etc. according to the brushing position, and water-based paint, solvent paint, etc. according to the form. No matter which classification, there is no such category as children's paint or children's paint. "At present, the products that fail to meet the standard in the test refer to the universal national standard" limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials and interior wall coatings "revised in 2008, and there is no specific standard for the environmental protection coefficient of children's paint." With regard to the various names of children's paint, wedding paint, maternity paint and so on in the market, Song Guangsheng believes that it belongs to enterprise behavior, which is a business concept created by businesses seizing the psychology of consumers, and does not rule out the possibility of hype

is the so-called children's paint absolutely environmental friendly? Under the current technical conditions, all paints contain benzene homologues. It is impossible for anything chemically added to be completely free of harmful substances. The key is whether the content of harmful substances is within the scope of national standards. Benzene series is a volatile substance. What is the reason why the clamps of two testing machines slip under the condition of high temperature? It can almost completely evaporate within a month. Therefore, as long as consumers buy qualified products that meet national standards through formal channels and open windows for ventilation after decoration, the paint will not cause harm to human body, and there is no need to deliberately pursue high price children's paint

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