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New product characteristics and application of ganpur radiator temperature control valve

heating is a necessary condition for urban residents in northern China. In order to adapt to the sustainable development of market economy, speed up building energy conservation and improve people's living standards, the Ministry of construction and other eight ministries and commissions issued the guiding opinions on the pilot work of urban heating system reform in July 2003, marking the comprehensive and in-depth start of the pilot work of urban heating system reform in China

the reform of heating system mainly includes three aspects: the reform of heating system; Reform of heat billing method; Reform of heating enterprises. A series of heating reform measures will drive the rapid development of heating related industries. In order to cooperate with the implementation of energy conservation, heat metering and charging in the reform of heating system, the radiator temperature control valve and its related products are introduced below

radiator temperature control valve is an automatic control valve installed on the radiator. The control element is a temperature bag filled with temperature sensitive substances. When the room temperature rises, the expansion of the temperature bag makes the valve close, reducing the hot water supply of the radiator. When the room temperature falls, the process is reversed, so that the purpose of temperature control can be achieved. The radiator temperature control valve can also adjust the set temperature, and can automatically control and adjust the hot water supply of the radiator according to the set requirements. The key to the development of the temperature control valve lies in the temperature control part. The temperature sensing medium in the temperature sensor of the temperature control part can feel the external temperature and make corresponding response to control the opening of the valve core to control the water flow through the temperature control valve

temperature sensors are filled with liquid working medium, gas working medium, etc. impact testing machines are used to detect the impact performance of materials. Its control accuracy is the best in liquid, and the working life of the sensor filled with liquid working medium is more than 20 years

the radiator temperature control valve with built-in preset device is divided into two categories: two-way valve and three-way valve, which are applicable to double pipe system and single pipe system respectively. The preset temperature control valve is used in the double pipe system, which is conducive to overcoming the vertical imbalance caused by the gravity of the liquid in the system; The three-way valve is conducive to the water distribution between the radiator branch pipe and the crossover pipe in the single pipe system because of its small resistance. Due to the large water temperature difference between supply and return, the required radiator area is small, and smaller pipes and valves can be selected. After installing the radiator temperature control valve, the double pipe system becomes a variable flow system. The single pipe system needs to add bypass pipe due to the installation of radiator temperature control valve. Therefore, whether the radiator temperature control valve is installed or not, it is basically a constant flow system

the radiator temperature control valve with built-in preset device solves this problem. The required indoor heating temperature can be preset through the temperature adjusting knob in the valve head, and the user can also adjust the heating amount at any time through the adjusting knob, so as to reduce unnecessary energy consumption, create conditions for energy conservation, and turn energy conservation into operable practical action

through the professional investigation of ganpul (Beijing) Co., Ltd. molded polystyrene foam for thermal insulation gb/t10801.1 ⑵ 002 Technology Co., Ltd., in the buildings where radiator temperature control valves have been installed at present, the vertical imbalance of temperature can be generally solved, the system operates well and has high reliability, and the room temperature control is realized. However, since the charging by heat has not been really implemented, users do not have enough energy-saving consciousness to actively adjust the set temperature, and even usually set the valve at the highest temperature point. Therefore, the application of radiator temperature control valve can save energy, and the heating system of charging by heat needs to be truly implemented. At that time, users can have energy-saving consciousness to adjust the room temperature according to their own needs

ganpur applied for the technical patent of varioq flow balance valve in 1994. So far, varioq flow balance valve has been widely used in developed countries in Europe and the United States

vvoq series balance temperature control valve, in addition to the functions of VVO series, has also increased the flow measurement and balance functions, providing a more efficient management means for regional management. It adopts a special structural design, and measures the actual heat supply flow through exquisite flow measuring holes and precision measuring instruments, which is convenient for the system to automatically, quickly and accurately balance and adjust. It can save the energy consumption of the circulating pump of the system, reduce the investment of the balance valve of the whole system, reduce the workload of system balance, reduce the pressure imbalance noise caused by temperature offset, and improve the comfort of the room, It is more convenient to find and correct the system imbalance in time. At the same time, varioq can also clean up the accumulated dirt generated by hot water when the system is running. Therefore, under the condition of poor water quality in the heating system, varioq can still install the universal material testing machine and tensile testing machine, which operate reliably and efficiently. This product has been patented in Germany, meets the requirements of the most stringent EN215 industry standard in Europe, and has a better ability to resist fading. It is the most advanced radiator temperature control device in the world at present

as gampper, who has been committed to the development of human heating and ventilation for a century, facing the difficult transition period of current heating system reform, we should see the future and continue to make our due contributions to the field of human heating and ventilation. However, in addition to the relevant solutions issued by our government departments, people's awareness of energy conservation should also be constantly promoted, and the radiator temperature control valve market must also constantly improve its quality in order to better serve this field

the current radiator temperature control valve market is extremely irregular, with low technical content, rough manufacturing process and low operation reliability, which has prevented the pace of "thermal modification". The products produced in the industry must comply with the higher standards of the industry, and it is also inevitable to eliminate the low-end products in the market. For example, a series of manual temperature control valves are easy to wear with their simple functions and extremely low reliability, which simply cannot meet the needs of today's "thermal reform"

gampur (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the market core business philosophy of high quality, high reliability and perfect service, increased research and development efforts, continuously improved product performance, and provided more energy-saving and environmental friendly high-quality products to meet the continuous pursuit of high-quality and comfortable life by mankind, so as to meet the needs of building an energy-saving society

gampur has been very professional for a hundred years. Energy conservation and environmental protection are the concept of people's life in the future. Returning people to clear water and blue sky will no longer be just a dream

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