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On November 18, 2008, the award ceremony of "2008 top ten people and brands in capacitor industry" hosted by HC360 was held in Fangfei Hall of diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing. There was a strong lineup of guests at the event, and industry elites gathered together. The top ten awards, Summit Forum and fortune dinner attracted the major media in the industry to report

affirmation of the top ten selection on outstanding enterprises and figures in the industry

the award-winning enterprises came to the stage to accept the award

in 2008, China's capacitor industry surged with great achievements, and a large number of excellent entrepreneurs, managers, chief technical engineers and investors emerged. With selfless passion, unremitting struggle and continuous innovation, they led China's capacitor industry to move forward and seize the international market from different levels. It is reported that the official voting began on August 18, 2008 and ended on October 15. There were 58 candidates, 54 dealers, 110 natural stones, 73 innovative enterprises and 64 well-known brands. The top 20 candidates with the highest number of votes will be selected first through people's online voting and SMS voting. The Organizing Committee of the competition distributed 300000 votes to these top 20 candidates in major electronic cities across the country, allowing voters to choose ten lists they support. Finally, the expert members of the jury conducted a comprehensive review and evaluation of the top 20 shortlists with the highest number of votes, and combined with the recycling of votes, the brand influence of enterprises and other factors, finally came to the "top ten figures in China's capacitor industry", "top ten figures in China's capacitor industry with different sample sizes are often given for different materials in the same standard" "Top ten innovative brands in China's capacitor industry" and "top ten dealers in China's capacitor industry" are four awards. During the voting, people voted enthusiastically and commented one after another to express their sincere praise for this event. The views of all parties continue to collide, and the scene is impressive. Then combine it with other main components of the circuit - an insulator and a semiconductor - and you can build flexible electronic circuits to recharge your batteries when you walk. At last, the total number of votes was, 322780 votes were sent by SMS, and more than 2000 comments were released by the public. The activity was a complete success

top ten influential figures in China's capacitor industry: Chen Weidong, Zeng Fusheng, Zhang Wanzhen, Jia Shenlong, Ke Yandong, Xiao Changzheng, Zhu Shuhong, Wen Haibo, AI Lihua, Yin Zhihua

top ten innovative brands in China's capacitor industry: Sanhuan, Yuyang technology, BDC International, kaipusong, Kexin, Nantong Haili, Shengye, Su Rong, Meilong electronics, hecotei electronics

top ten well-known brands in China's capacitor industry: farad, TDK Wanyu Sanxin, Heron electric, Huazhong technology, Jiguang electronics, Jianghai, Murata electronics, Aihua group, Baiyun Haoqin

the top ten dealers in China's capacitor industry: Shenzhen rike industry, Shenzhen Xunfa electronics, Hong Kong billion 'Internet +' new recycling platform electronics, Bingyang electronics, Puze industry, Shenzhen Rongliang electronics, Guoju electronics, Sanjiu Jiahe, Dongguan Jiahe electronics Shenzhen Bauhinia Summit Forum industry authoritative experts comment on the development path of capacitors. Looking back on the 30 years of reform and opening up, the excellent performance of China's capacitor industry series has proved that only continuous innovation and change can meet the changing needs of market information. At present, the world economy is down, inflation is serious, and financial risks are all around. China's economy is facing unprecedented challenges. Where will China's manufacturing industry go? Where is the way out for electronic component enterprises with high procurement costs

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only by understanding the trend, mastering the high-end, and adhering to innovation can we break through the way out. In order to let all sectors of society have an in-depth understanding of the latest trend of China's capacitor industry and fully explore the innovation opportunities of China's electronic components, the award ceremony of "2008 top ten figures and brands in the capacitor industry" also specially invited well-known experts and enterprises in the industry, such as Yang bangchao, Xu Youlong, Guo Tianxing, to make a keynote speech around the four aspects of "trend, high-end, innovation, and outlet" to share the successful experience of the capacitor industry with the audience, Track the development trend of capacitance industry. The China capacitance Industry Development Summit Forum is the first to hold a "happy gathering of power capacitors + electronic capacitors". Chief engineers and bosses from the power capacitor industry and passive capacitor industry are invited to gather together to gather relevant government leaders, Industry Association experts, senior people, investment experts, capacitor industry leaders, capacitor agents and dealers with outstanding performance in each region, and industry authoritative media friends, We will work together to make suggestions for the development and outlet of China's capacitor industry, and employ industry authoritative experts to point out the ways of innovation, technology and brand marketing

the China capacitor industry development summit forum also attaches great importance to the penetration of the capacitor industry chain into the real industry, and timely promotes the new technologies, materials and equipment of China's capacitors to the industry around "reducing costs". The organizers hope that the innovation in China's capacitor industry can truly come from the industry, benefit the industry, and have a far-reaching impact on China's capacitor industry

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