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New features of beverage packaging welding strength

with the development of the national economy and the increasing vitality of a small private enterprise in the ruins of the plant, China's beverage industry has developed rapidly, especially in soft drinks, from a single soft drink to vegetable juice, fruit juice, fruit tea, mineral water and other beverages. The beverage packaging industry also appears the trend of diversification

large packaging

at present, a variety of large bottle packaging products have appeared in the beverage market, and the price has decreased a lot. In major supermarkets, a large number of 1.25l-2.5l bottled water, fruit juice, carbonated beverages, etc. are displayed in prominent places on the counter, and the price has a downward trend

cluster type

cluster packaging makes canned drinks a kind of goods with good quality, low price and easy to carry. The bundle packaging specifications of canned drinks on the market are mostly 12 and 24, which are the most common. For example, the bundled packaging specification of new Kish soda is in groups of three. Three plastic rings are used to block three bottles of drinks. There are jagged protrusions in each ring, which are stuck at the bottleneck for fixation. The plastic sheet is equipped with a handle to facilitate consumers to take it

hand grenade

a sports energy drink packaged in a bottle similar to hand grenade, is popular in the United States, and the amount of polyurethane used in the interior of green cars is very popular. This specially designed 8.4 oz bottle is designed by Germany. The silver metal lid with a pull ring on the top of the bottle is similar to a real hand elastic pull ring. An Australian manufacturer of sports energy drinks used such packaging, which soon attracted strong reactions from consumers after it was put into the U.S. market

roof style

in February 2004, the first PE automatic high-speed box pasting machine in China, which uses high-frequency and hot-air welding technology to produce a full set of roof bag production line for milk and fruit juice drinks, was successfully developed by Wenzhou Tianlong plastic enterprise group and began to be put into the market. The equipment investment of the whole roof package plant is large, the technical difficulty is high, and there are many equipment involved. The company succeeded after 8 years of research and development - plastic paper plastic sterile roof bag, which is used for fruit juice and milk beverage packaging, with a shelf life of days; After ultra-high temperature sterilization, the paper aluminum plastic 6-layer sterile roof package is used for milk and fruit juice packaging. For example, SKF company in Sweden adopts 25% glass fiber reinforced PA66 composite material to make bearing cages on passenger car bearings and locomotive traction electromechanical bearings, with a shelf life of months


in the beverage market, transparent plastic packaging is the general trend. Transparent PP resin has become the most commonly used packaging material because of its excellent price performance ratio. To make PP more transparent and highly gloss, nucleating transparent agent must be added. Many food and beverage manufacturers have switched to this transparent PP, which has brought certain economic benefits

source: China Light Industry

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