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The new features of Yinjie digital production process 2.0

digital printing has four characteristics: on-demand, variable, personalized and fast, which makes it quickly recognized by people. Digital printing is a complete system, an organic whole of software and hardware. For digital printing system, equipment is an indispensable and important part, but not the most important. Its core is the front-end software. Moreover, among the characteristics of digital printing, the first three characteristics (on-demand, variable, personalized) must also be completed by the front-end software, and finally by the digital printing equipment to complete the rapid document output

as the core product of Founder digital printing process system - founder digital printing production process, it has strong document compatibility, especially strong Chinese processing ability; Professional pre press processing ability, including perfect folding and patchwork functions; The ability of multiple computers working in parallel can realize the connection of different manufacturers and different types of equipment; Flexible variable data printing capability, including variable automatic numbering function; The best equipment connection scheme to achieve high efficiency. These materials can also be widely used in the infrastructure of electric vehicles for medium speed printing and equipment monitoring; It has good usability and integrity. These make founder Yinjie a real digital printing system

digital printing is developing rapidly in the process of building exquisite particle structure. In order to adapt to this trend, founder officially released the version 2.0 of Founder Yinjie digital printing production process (hereinafter referred to as Yinjie) on China print 2005. This version is more flexible and easy to use both in the application interface and in the process construction; Whether in the type of files or the connection of devices, the types are richer, and the performance is more stable and reliable. Next, please enjoy the new features of this new product

I. diverse document types and stable document processing

for the production process of digital printing, the selection and processing of documents are always its engine. Diverse document support makes it more flexible, and stable document processing makes it more smooth. Therefore, in injet 2.0, document types and document processing have been greatly improved

1. Direct and simple output of commonly used typesetting documents such as word, WPS and excel is added. In Yinjie 1.0 and 1.5 versions, we used a relatively complex process to complete the conversion and import of these files. This method is still retained in Yinjie 2.0, but the processing of several commonly used file formats has been redeveloped, making the application very simple and convenient

2. Starting from injie 2.0, it fully supports the unencrypted CEB file format. The CEB format can fully ensure the accuracy and reliability of the calibration results. It is a new data format that Founder summarizes his many years of technology and experience in the field of Chinese typesetting, printing and publishing, absorbs the advantages of PDF and XML on the basis of the previous S2 series format, and introduces in order to adapt to the trend of electronic publishing in the Internet era, solve the requirements of environmental diversification and communication networking. At the same time, it is also a reference standard for electronic official documents designated by relevant national departments, It is the latest choice of electronic document format based on the future development of relevant national departments

3. The latest psrip and pdfrip cores of Founder are used in injie 2.0, which greatly improves both the speed and the output quality, especially the transparency and other effects

through the expansion of file types and the improvement of processing methods, quality and speed, Yinjie can be more suitable for mass users, not just limited to a professional user area

second, rich prepress processing functions

for digital printing, in addition to being able to output documents at high speed, stably and with high quality, the light is on, and the improvement of prepress processing ability is also very important, because the process of digital printing is almost an automatic process, and many processes need to be completed in this process. In Yinjie version 1.0 and 1.5, we have excellent folding and composition functions. With it, we can easily complete the functions of page matching for binding and folding, registration of front and back output, and the splicing of several small pages on a large page. In order to further expand the ability of Yinjie in prepress processing, the cutting and merging of middle small page files has been added in Yinjie 2.0. This function can be used to complete the flexible merging of a single small page, especially the merging of some table files and the modification of wrong fonts. The generated page can be used with other pages to fold hands and make up for the next process

III. enhanced variable data processing

in Yinjie 1.0 and 1.5, there is already a function of automatic numbering, which can complete continuous digital number output at the last moment. Yinjie 2.0 adds variable text output. Like the function of automatic numbering, it uses predefined variable data to complete the variable output of each sample

through Yinjie, you can easily choose your own various file formats, use various functions provided by Yinjie, use various equipment of Yinjie, build various processes, and complete multi machine parallel, so as to achieve a goal, that is, the sample you are satisfied with

digital printing technology is developing continuously. We will follow its pace, constantly absorb new technologies in this field and some related fields, actively listen to the opinions of our customers, strive to explore new applications, and contribute to the development of digital printing

(Zhao Jie)

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