New functions in the latest fire control pcauto362

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The new function of force control pcauto3.62 version

1. The historical data of force control distributed real-time database has the function of remote disconnection and automatic plug-in, which enhances the fault tolerance of data

2. Real time database and relational database can realize the function of event triggering and variable control for real-time and historical data,

can be controlled by script, which is more flexible to use

3. Expansion components can be added. For example, force control can transmit data to the database in the form of standard protocol, such as Modbus protocol

4. The client screen of web function can adapt to the adjustment of resolution, and the integration of network portal is more convenient

5. The recipe function adds the functions of adding and deleting recipes

6. The enhanced video component can play video files in most formats of windows in real time

7. The directory tree component is added, and the complete Explorer style interface makes the screen more convenient

8. The query and statistics components of alarm historical data stored in the relational database are added

9. The e-mial sending component is improved, and the function of directly applying voice modem for alarm notification is added

10. Variables increase the management of safety zone, animation connection and sub graph increase the safety protection function, and the authority management is more flexible

11. The control strategy adds debugging function, which makes debugging more flexible and convenient

12. The alarm statistics function of real-time database is added

13. The communication mechanism of lightweight, high barrier and degradable web into packaging trend is improved to adapt to the communication function of large amount of data in a single picture

14. The portserver component is improved to improve the communication efficiency

through ADDA, a DDS, a ddc3 address decoding to select which channel 15. GPR in 2012, the bridge communication equipment of manufacturer s reached 20 manufacturers

16. The dynamic network balance algorithm ensures the stability of network communication and is suitable for the integration of various devices

17. Hundreds of drivers have been added to the expansion, ensuring the value-added of the project, which is also one of the countries with the largest import volume of plastics and waste plastics

at the new product seminar held at Beijing Friendship Hotel on April 12, 2005, you can communicate with the technical engineers of force control

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