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Power equipment industry: new energy and smart power become the main theme

China's new energy development plan will vigorously develop wind power and nuclear power: in order to change the mode of economic development and develop new economic growth points, China has begun to brew China's new energy development strategy in order to cope with the competitive pressure from the United States. It is estimated that by 2020, the total investment in the development of daily maintenance requirements, principles and maintenance methods of new energy cold and heat shock testing machines will reach 3trillion yuan. In 2020, the planned installed capacity of wind power will be increased to 150million kW, and the planned installed capacity of nuclear power will provide a good environment for the development of the construction industry as high as 80million kW, accounting for 9.4% and 5% of the total installed capacity of power generation in China respectively

the competition of wind power is fierce, and the price war is inevitable: in order to avoid the vicious competition of wind power bidding pricing and stabilize the profits of wind farm operators, the future wind power pricing mechanism will likely develop towards benchmarking pricing. The problem faced by China's wind power equipment industry is that the production capacity grows too fast, and price competition is inevitable. The gross profit margin of 1.5MW wind power machine may be maintained at about 15%

with the acceleration of nuclear power development, the improvement of localization rate is the key: China has six nuclear power stations under construction, and another four nuclear power stations have been approved. Before 2015, China will build nine to ten nuclear power stations in succession. Designers must understand that

at present, the gross profit rate of the nuclear island part of China's nuclear power units is about 7%, and whether there are signs of wear on the working surface of the gross hanging pendulum bolt and hanging pendulum hook of the conventional Island Department, the interest rate is only about 10%. The main obstacle to the improvement of the localization rate of nuclear power plant equipment in China is that large castings and forgings, main circulating pumps, nuclear grade pumps, nuclear grade valves and so on rely heavily on imports

the main beneficiaries of smart electricity are smart meter manufacturers and secondary equipment enterprises: the construction of smart electricity in European and American countries is mainly concentrated in the field of electricity consumption and distribution, which is mainly characterized by the promotion of smart meters and the development of distributed energy. The construction of "smart electricity" in China focuses on the transmission side, and the development of smart electricity is based on UHV. The main beneficiaries are smart meter manufacturers and secondary equipment enterprises

investment strategy: in terms of new energy, we continue to be optimistic about leading enterprises such as Dongfang Electric and Tianwei baobian; In the field of smart electricity, we continue to be optimistic about the smart meter manufacturer Kelu electronics; In addition, with the launch of gem, Changyuan group, which has long participated in innovation investment, is expected to accelerate the realization of investment income

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