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Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 10th generation i5 processor new evaluation introduction Lenovo Xiaoxin i5 and i7 which is better

this lian8. This machine has the breaking protection function. Think of Xiaoxin air14 10th generation i5 processor core notebook is equipped with the latest Intel processor, and its performance is much improved compared with the previous generation. It is divided into Lianxiang Xiaoxin i5 and i7 versions. It is recommended that i7 versions with high demand are sufficient for general office and entertainment i5. Let's take a look at the hands-on experience as follows, And price and configuration introduction, which may help you choose reference

I Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 ten generation experience:

this Lenovo Xiaoxin a "Attending the exhibition is also to look at the conceptual needs of customers. At first glance, I feel that the texture is good. After using it, I feel that the usage views of this notebook are as follows:

running speed: the 10th generation Core i7, 12g storage, 512g memory, extremely high configuration, extremely fast speed.

screen effect: 14 inch narrow frame, very good effect.

heat dissipation performance: metal fan is very OK

appearance: high-end, atmospheric, high-grade, low-key Luxury has connotation

lightness: this price is very light, of course, it can't be compared with 7~8000

other features: DC dimming finally stopped flashing, the sharp tool of backlit keyboard typing at night

turn to Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 ten generations more user comments on advantages and disadvantages "for friends in need to refer to

II Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 10th generation price quotation:

Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 Intel Core i7 inch ultra thin notebook computer (IU 12g 512g mx250 72%ntsc) light luxury gray

JD price: ¥ 5999.00

JD event price:

III Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 10th generation i7 basic parameters:

running speed: i5 * * machine 7 seconds fingerprint unlocking smooth and extraordinary

screen effect: colorful eye care mode DC dimming is simple and convenient

heat dissipation performance: double air dispersion mute effect is obvious, daily use is basically silent

appearance: dark gray matte texture classic shape

lightness: A4 size ultra-thin body

other features: 14 inch screen is easy to carry The following

plasticity data may vary within 20~30% of the insulation layer

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