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New fresh-keeping technology of tender corn

using this technology, the fresh-keeping of tender corn ears can be kept for more than 8 months without cold storage, electricity and fresh-keeping investment of tender corn per ear. That is to say, it is certain that the size of each template and part needs 2. The gap between supply and demand of refined oil is very large. The color and taste of the fresh-keeping corn will not change, and it is still fresh and tender. It is sold in winter or Spring Festival, and the benefit is considerable

1. Formula: animal serum protein 901 is an excellent control function% (available in food and chemical stores), ferrous sulfate 4.5%, calcium stearate 2%, starch 2.5% (ordinary starch), ginger 1% (available in pharmacies according to ISRI in China). Grind the above raw materials into powder and dry them to form a preservative

2. Usage: mix every kilogram of preservative with 260 kilograms of water, soak the young corn ears in the preservative solution for 5 minutes, remove them, drain the water, and store them in a room without direct sunlight. There is no need to control humidity and temperature during storage, so it can be kept fresh for a long time

3. Sales method: add fresh and good tender corn to essence and make it into multi flavor tender corn. It can also be made into fried tender corn and roasted tender corn for sale

source: New Rural Technology

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