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new features of the German packaging machinery market

due to the emphasis on Market Research and market analysis, please re tension the tensioning wheel, German packaging machinery can often meet the production needs of customers. At present, its manufacturing level has been quite mature, and shows certain characteristics:

high degree of automation of process flow. At present, automation technology has accounted for more than 50% of the design of packaging machinery. A large number of Microcomputer Design and electromechanical integration control are applied to it. The manipulator is controlled by a separate computer, and completes the packaging action under the information and monitoring of the camera controlled by the computer

high resolution for material and thickness. In the past, 3. The function of moving the beam is to adjust the thickness and material changes of the packaging materials in the experimental space, which are not easy to be recognized by the human eye. Nowadays, the camera and detector can work together to complete this work. They can check and identify the captured pictures by themselves and display them on the display screen

high production efficiency. The result of a high degree of automation is improved production efficiency. In particular, the beverage, beer filling machinery and food packaging machinery are the best. For example, the beverage filling speed is as high as 1200 bottles/hour; Cigarette packaging has also reached 12000 pieces/minute

transparency of production process. Through computer simulation technology, the productivity of machinery, waste products and the matching of all links of the production line can be presented to the monitoring personnel at a glance, which is conducive to troubleshooting and striving for more production time

statement: put an end to data loss caused by sudden power failure and forgetting to save

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