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Artificial intelligence colleges have mushroomed: what do you teach? How

original title: artificial intelligence colleges have mushroomed: what do you teach? How

talent shortage! AI college has come to the enrollment season of colleges and universities. Many parents found that a new name - "Ai College" appeared on the college series table of more than one college. The fierce development and great potential of artificial intelligence has become a hot topic in the street. How can this sunrise industry be incorporated into the higher education system, which can not only cultivate qualified talents, but also accurately meet the needs of industrial upgrading? Will the Artificial Intelligence Institute be another accelerator for China's innovative development of cost-effective aircraft exhibition

at the 2018 global artificial intelligence product application Expo, a visitor walked past the theme poster photographed by Li Xiang

artificial intelligence colleges such as "mushrooming"

in September 2017, the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences took the lead in establishing an artificial intelligence technology college. Since then, more than 10 universities including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Harbin Institute of technology, Nankai University and Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology have followed suit, Artificial intelligence college became the "key word" of Chinese universities

behind this is the reality that the supply of talents in China's artificial intelligence industry exceeds the demand. According to industry estimates, the talent gap is at the level of millions

insiders said that artificial intelligence technology has a high threshold to attract the world's top innovative talents of new materials to start a business. Therefore, talents with both R & D ability and practical experience have become the targets of enterprises. At present, the training of artificial intelligence talents is scattered in many colleges and departments, such as computer college and software college, so it is difficult for graduates to have the overall quality in the field of artificial intelligence

as of December 2017, 71 universities in China have set up 86 secondary disciplines or interdisciplinary disciplines around the field of artificial intelligence. It is reported that many colleges and universities that have not yet established an artificial intelligence college also clearly list the "artificial intelligence" direction in the training direction of big data, computers and other majors

what to teach? How

after half a month's discussion, it is found that the artificial intelligence colleges of each university have different talent training directions. For example, the College of artificial intelligence technology of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences has set up six teaching and research offices, including pattern recognition, artificial intelligence foundation and intelligent human-computer interaction; The College of artificial intelligence of Nanjing University plans to set up two major directions: "machine learning and data mining" and "intelligent systems and Applications"

"artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary subject. No university can cover all directions. It should be arranged in combination with its own foundation and advantages." Pengdongliang, Secretary of the Party committee of the Artificial Intelligence College of Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology, said

at present, many colleges and universities in China are striving to supplement artificial intelligence as a first-class discipline. "Artificial intelligence has become a first-class discipline, which will greatly promote the integration of relevant educational resources in Colleges and universities." Wufei, director of the Institute of artificial intelligence of Zhejiang University, said that as far as artificial intelligence higher education is concerned, China and the United States started at the same time. A reasonable top-level design will help accelerate the development of China's artificial intelligence education

how to ensure the quality of talent training in artificial intelligence colleges? Many interviewed experts believe that courses and teaching materials are the "cow nose" of undergraduate education, and artificial intelligence is no exception

at present, the setting of artificial intelligence course system still has a prominent "American mark". Stanford University and other schools have explored a complete set of course modules through the use of a variety of instruments in the laboratory tests of luogong. "Not only are our students learning, but also our teachers and enterprise R & D personnel." Wufei said that in the initial stage, China's artificial intelligence curriculum should also focus on learning from foreign advanced experience and gradually form an optimization scheme based on China's reality

it is understood that in order to make up for the shortcomings as soon as possible, the higher education press has set up a new generation of Artificial Intelligence Series Textbook Editorial Committee. It plans to publish a batch of professional textbooks for undergraduates and postgraduates from 20110 to avoid scratching or corroding the guide surface screw rod, covering the core theory and main application fields of artificial intelligence

Cold thinking in the upsurge no doubt, artificial intelligence is becoming a hot talent training direction. Many experts in the field of education remind that this upsurge must be viewed calmly. Whether colleges and universities should set up relevant majors or even establish relevant colleges and research institutes should be fully demonstrated, especially to avoid "enclosure thinking" and rush forward

wufei said that although colleges and universities have the autonomy to set up disciplines and majors, without a good foundation for mathematics, computer science and other disciplines and a cross collaboration environment, the development of artificial intelligence disciplines will not be able to obtain solid support

"the most important thing for the school to set up artificial intelligence specialty is talents. We have specially promulgated a series of policies to promote the development of interdisciplinary disciplines, providing institutional incentives for teachers to take part-time jobs across colleges and departments, which has promoted the enthusiasm of teachers to engage in artificial intelligence teaching and research." You Zheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and vice president of Tsinghua University, said

in order to further make up for the shortage of teachers, many colleges and universities have listed artificial intelligence as the key direction of global talent recruitment. Some colleges and universities have chosen to invite enterprise talents to teach at the University. For example, the Artificial Intelligence College of Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications has been jointly built with iFLYTEK

at present, the "international training program for artificial intelligence (AI) talents in Chinese universities" has been launched, and 500 teachers and 5000 students will be trained within five years. The Ministry of education also said that it supports colleges and universities to increase investment in relevant disciplines in the field of artificial intelligence in the construction of "double first-class". (half a month on Zhu Han)

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