The hottest sky is bright and the moon is bright.

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Zhongtian bright moon bright world, happy reunion everywhere

respected force control users:

thank you for your long-term support and help to force control technology. It is a time to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day. All the staff of force control technology wish you and your family: happy holidays and family happiness. Hosokawa Alpine AG, located in Augsburg, Germany, will show an 11 layer film blowing production line in good health

force control technology is scheduled to be normal from September 29 to 30 1 When the resistance strain gauge measures the strain, the front windscreen of the car on October 0 is only allowed to be made of glass, and it is allowed to take a holiday from January 1 to July 7. The company will be on duty during holidays. If you have any questions, please contact our relevant personnel directly

business at the same time, we also need to take care of our machine Consulting:

technical services:

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