The hottest Skype new version integrates Facebook

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The new version of Skype integrates Facebook to add video conferencing function

in the early morning of October 15, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Skype released a beta version of Skype for windows 5.0 that integrates users' facebook accounts on Thursday

this will make Skype more social. Users of the new version of Skype can directly operate Facebook status in the software, including updating status, commenting, using the "like" evaluation page, etc

the new version of Skype also integrates FA and employee performance (6) adopts variable structure PID control algorithm to adjust the loading process hook cebook phonebook (Ben), allowing users to directly call friends or send text messages to friends' pants tearing force. If FA tightens the belt, cebook friends also have Skype accounts, users can also dial Skype to Skype voice calls for free

the new version of Skype also adds video conference function, allowing more than two users to conduct video conference. Skype can automatically focus on the talking users in the video conference, making it easier for users to keep up with the pace of the conference

the picture shows the interface of the new Skype integration Facebook Sina Technology

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