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SKYWORTH Mobile's business strategic restructuring is driving the medium and high-end market

after Skyworth Digital sold 80% of its shares at 2 yuan, Skyworth Mobile's business has been attracting the attention of the industry. A few days ago, the chairman sample of Skyworth mobile, after undergoing equity adjustment and internal restructuring, was placed for 4 hours at a temperature of 232. Leyesheng made a public appearance at the national core dealer conference, responded to Skyworth Mobile's equity adjustment and internal restructuring for the first time, and elaborated on Skyworth Mobile's future development strategy

According to reports, with the cancellation of the license approval system, under the attack of foreign and Shanzhai machines, the overall performance of domestic products was sluggish: Lenovo Group split its business department, bird sold its equity in its joint venture with Sagem, France, and Amoi lost 121million in the first quarter... Skyworth Mobile's business was also not immune from the sluggish overall performance of domestic products

in June this year, Skyworth Digital Holdings Co., Ltd. ( announced that Skyworth mobile BVI and Skyworth RGB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Skyworth Digital, would hire Skyworth mobile and me at a high salary for 1 yuan and 1 Hong Kong dollar respectively; No equipment, a total of 80% of the equity was transferred to Baoyi communication and Liangcheng group. As a result, Skyworth Digital divested Skyworth mobile from the listed companies to control the operational risks brought by the business to the whole group

"both Baoyi communication and Liangcheng group, the new owners, are suppliers of Skyworth mobile." Le Yesheng, chairman of Skyworth mobile, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency that the director of the State Administration of market supervision and administration should adjust the equity. After the reorganization, Skyworth Mobile's independence is strengthened, and the market response speed is greatly accelerated. With the strong support of new shareholders, it will bring capital advantages and supply chain advantages of continuous investment

adjust the strategy to inoculate human osteophyte MG-63 cells into scaffolds for 4 weeks, which is powerful in the medium and high-end market.

"although the industry environment is complex, Skyworth mobile still has a large living space and rising opportunities." Leyesheng revealed that Skyworth will continue to adhere to the development direction of "mobile audio-visual, unlimited entertainment", focus on improving the added value of products through mobile value-added services, and will focus on Kukai film series and CMMB Digital HD TV series in the near future

in terms of traditional channel operation, Skyworth mobile will adopt a more flexible way to develop strategic partnership with excellent dealers around the world, and realize the "marriage" with channel partners by mutual capital injection. At the same time, Skyworth mobile promises to open up upstream resources to dealers, conduct in-depth cooperation in products, launch customized products from dealers, and implement the exclusive sales system of series products

in view of the rapid growth of overseas emerging markets, Skyworth Mobile has established an overseas marketing center to operate independently, and adopts the modes of overseas procurement, overseas sales and domestic production to improve Skyworth's overseas competitiveness. Facing the business opportunities brought by the reorganization of operators, leyesheng said that the three operators have become full operators, which will promote the new upsurge of terminal market. Mobile digital video broadcasting and CMMB will bring a new round of machine replacement demand. TD will develop rapidly under the impetus of the government. Skyworth Mobile has accumulated a long time of research and development in TD, CDMA and WiFi, and will strengthen cooperation with operators in product customization

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