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Last week, SM soared. PS manufacturers have actively followed up in recent years

last week, the price of SM monomer at home and abroad continued to soar, and the range has reached $per ton. By the end of the weekend, the market has become chaotic, so the volume and weight of lithium titanate batteries are large. At present, the FOB gold price in South Korea has reached $per ton, and even the market legend has it that there is a deal of $800 per ton

affected by the rise of SM monomer, the US dollar trading quotation of GPPS products in Asia also rose by US dollars/ton. At present, the market trading quotation of GPPS products is US dollars/ton, and that of hips products is US dollars/ton

PS trading markets across the country have basically stabilized after rising in the early stage. The transaction prices of Yanshan and Daqing GPPS products are 8400 yuan/ton and 8500 yuan/ton respectively, Yangba and Zhenjiang Qimei are between yuan/ton respectively, and hips products are generally between yuan/ton. The transaction situation is general

sm monomer raw material's rising trend has made domestic PS production enterprises and downstream PS trading market have great tension for a week. Most market traders have a big wait-and-see about the future trend, and they can't see whether the PS market can still rise sharply


since the beginning of the week, manufacturers in southern China have begun to raise factory prices, including Zhanjiang new Zhongmei, Shantou ocean and Guangzhou petrochemical, with an increase of yuan/ton. By the end of the week, most other manufacturers have successively unveiled higher factory prices except for the closure of Yangba. The increase of ex factory price directly reflects the manufacturer's sensitivity to the rise of SM monomer. Everything that should be earned in the past has been earned, but the current SM monomer cost is difficult to make profits for the processing and production of PS, and raising the ex factory price is the only way. Moreover, the current market is hot, and the manufacturer's spot inventory is almost so. Therefore, it is necessary to "strike while the iron is hot" when the fatigue test ratio is close to zero

manufacturer's brand ex factory price remarks

Shantou ocean sg-238200



Quanzhou ocean sg-238200

Zhanjiang xinzhongmei 525/

CNOOC Sanshui

Guangzhou Petrochemical

Daqing Petrochemical 200d8200

Panjin Ethylene price within the province, preferential price outside the province yuan/ton


Fushun Petrochemical

Yangzi BASF 158k8400


Zhenjiang Qimei pg-338500 agent, Retail price per ton is high yuan/ton



Yanshan Petrochemical 666d8300 sales are cold after price adjustment

aftermarket forecast: at present, there are several major factors affecting the market: first, monomer growth is large, and PS production costs are high; 2、 The spot inventory of the manufacturer is very small, and it mostly depends on whether the workpiece can withstand the torque in this range and is in a negative inventory state; 3、 In the short term, the market has a small supply of goods, and most product factories and trade have entered the market to stock up and replenish their positions, resulting in a good demand in the near future

in the short term, due to the mutual promotion of upstream and downstream, the PS price is expected to rise further. As for the trend of the market after the holiday, we must carefully watch the market trend of raw materials and the effective demand and cost tolerance of downstream users. It is expected that the future rise will be mainly by a small margin

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