The hottest Skynet intercepts the UAV to fly black

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According to the 206 Institute of the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry of China, "Tian" intercepts the unmanned aerial vehicle "Heifei"

the vehicle borne Tian developed by the Institute has performed well in the police's multiple target tests recently, and has successfully passed the acceptance. It is about to become an important part of the Shenyang Public Security Bureau's anti low speed and small systematic equipment

it is understood that low and slow small aircraft refer to aircraft and floating objects with all or part of the characteristics of low and ultra-low altitude flight, slow flight speed, and not easy to be detected by radar. It has become a common practice to ban flying low and slow during major conferences and festivals around the world

in recent years, the number and scale of unmanned aerial vehicles in China have increased explosively, which has brought a series of problems while promoting economic and social development. China's UAV management is generally in a state of lack of primary responsibility and laws and regulations, and there is a lot of chaos in manufacturing, sales, use and other aspects. At the same time, due to the difficulties in ground control, air discovery, active disposal, traceability and accountability, and combating the first punishment, universal experimental machines refer to machines that can do three or more kinds of experiments, resulting in frequent black flight interference events, Trying to attract high-end resources of new materials with international influence seriously threatens the safety of civil aviation flight and key targets

in order to deal with this problem, relying on the professional advantages of space launch and launch control technology, 206 has focused on the development of low-speed and small prevention and control equipment since 2008, innovatively proposed the technical approach of type soft kill interception, and developed the first and second-generation space series products

According to Shen Yan, the head of 206 Institute days series products, the physical interception method has no difference in intercepting black flying targets, no radio interference, no killing fragments and no secondary damage during interception, and has little impact on the environment and society

Shenyan said that after years of development, Tiantian has developed from a single product to a systematic one, (2) graphene based anti-corrosion coatings for marine engineering not only have various product forms such as individual soldier, erection, vehicle mounted and airborne, but also have various interception means such as physical interception, electronic informatization and laser, as well as integrated detection means such as photoelectric, radar and passive detection, which have successfully escorted many large conferences and performances, And gradually exported to foreign countries. (Zhao Zhuqing)

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