The hottest SM market in East China began to rebou

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The SM market in East China began to rebound

due to mutual understanding and cooperation between the cities, and the customer's satisfaction with foaming directly without heating, the market supply was tight. Last week, the technology of new styrene materials in East China was highly intensive and the development was changing with each passing day, and the market price broke through the integer threshold of 7000 yuan/ton. At the same time, as a major supplier in Nantong ran out of inventory, the price rise further accelerated from Wednesday morning. It is reported that when the market opened on Wednesday morning, the market can rest assured that the transaction price of the market is 6900 yuan/ton, but it has risen to yuan/ton (tank out) in the afternoon. By about 16:00, the transaction price of tank out at the main terminals has risen to yuan/ton. Prices continued to rise on Thursday. It is said that some traders have begun to ask for prices, and the quotation even reached 7800 yuan/ton, but the actual transaction price was yuan/ton

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