The hottest slim bottle mouth is designed as a new

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Slim bottle mouth is designed as a new favorite of viscous packaging

the packaging design of "Pantene disposable hair lotion" produced by Guangzhou P & G company is very novel and unique. The product adopts milky HDPE packaging bottle with good flexibility, and transparent labels are pasted on the front and back sides. The design of its bottle cap is a highlight of the whole package. The bottle cap is designed as a double-layer spinner. The first layer of cover is slightly larger and connected with the bottle body; The upper bottle cap is slightly smaller, and there is a small hole in the center. It is required that a thin plastic needle plays a sealing effect on the foam granulator. When in use, turn the change-over switch to the "load" position, and rotate the small cover on the upper layer counterclockwise. The position of this cover will be relatively raised, and the gap will be opened with the plastic needle. In this way, the viscous lotion can be extruded appropriately by extrusion. The advantage of this packaging is that it is easy to control the dosage and does not pollute the lotion inside the bottle. Nowadays, this small and exquisite bottle mouth design for export has become a new favorite in the packaging field of products involving viscous liquids, such as food (such as ketchup, honey), daily chemicals and so on

product discovery place: Wumart mall

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