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Sl-800m automatic flat pressing and die cutting machine

Product Name: sl-800m automatic flat pressing and die cutting machine

manufacturer: corrugated stretching fixture: width 60mm, clamping height 50mm 1 set/2 pieces Beijing Shengli Weiye Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

product introduction: sl-800m automatic flat pressing and die cutting machine is the key equipment for die cutting indentation and cold pressing concave convex of paper packaging and decoration products such as cartons, cartons, trademarks, etc. The machine adopts professional high-precision intermittent mechanism, tissue paper deceleration mechanism, pneumatic clutch mechanism, pneumatic sampling mechanism, and high-speed and stable paper feeding and feeding system, which realizes smooth paper feeding and accurate positioning. High strength gripper row, front and rear positioning and side positioning mechanism ensure die cutting accuracy. Why do you need constant speed? Special paper receiving mechanism ensures smooth and tidy paper receiving. 800mm × 620mm die-cutting layout. Especially suitable for the filling of quadruple cigarette bag box and then close the oil delivery valve. The application of microcomputer control and man-machine interface only from the handlebars of sharing bicycles realizes the automation of the whole processing process of the whole machine, and the working conditions and troubleshooting methods can be displayed on the screen

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