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Sleeping lion has gradually awakened, and the sales volume of Jieshi will explode in 2011

Guide: since the establishment of SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Hongyan heavy truck has started to use the majestic lion as its own logo. However, in the four years since the joint venture, the lion, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, has hardly posed a threat to any competitors. In the eyes of many competitors, Hongyan may just be a sleeping lion

since the establishment of SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Hongyan heavy truck has started to use the majestic lion as its own logo. But in the four years since the joint venture, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, a lion, has hardly posed a threat to any competitors. In the eyes of many competitors, Hongyan may just be a sleeping lion

since 2010, the lion Hongyan has slowly woken up. In 2011, the heavy truck Jianghu may see the power of the lion Hongyan

● lethality of Jieshi

Hongyan Jieshi was listed on March 12, 2009, two years after the establishment of the joint venture. Many peers commented on Jieshi like this: "what if the car is good? Whether the car is good or not will sell well, just like Jieshi."

this sentence contains two meanings. First, Jieshi is a good car; Second, Jieshi didn't sell well

the author agrees with this view. Through the performance of Jieshi after its listing, the author believes that Jieshi has many characteristics of high-end trucks, which is still somewhat different from the mainstream products in the heavy truck market

first of all, Jieshi doesn't feel good at first sight. On the contrary, the first feeling may not be good

many old drivers will feel that the cab is too high when they get on Jieshi. Not only the cab is too high, but also the lower berth is too high. People sitting on it cannot touch the ground, and they are afraid of falling down when they sleep. In addition, there is no window behind the cab. In addition, a series of body accessories such as reversing mirrors may not be used. Many drivers also feel that the gear lever is too low. In addition, when driving, the car is too quiet. I can't feel the "buzzing" sound of the engine when accelerating. I always feel that the car has to run fast

in fact, many drivers who are used to driving low-end trucks sometimes feel uncomfortable in some places when they first drive high-end cars. Generally speaking, the "shortcomings" of new cars that are not as good as old ones will be exposed at the first time. However, after driving high-end cars for a period of time, they will find that they can no longer adapt to low-end cars. This is mainly reflected in:

first of all, I can't stand the poor sealing of low-end cars. A good car always has a very good seal. When driving, both wind noise and tire noise are very low. You can enjoy beautiful music in the car, and playing is not affected. This advantage of high-end cars is not easy to detect at the beginning, but after driving a high-end car for a long time, the driver has been unable to adapt to the huge noise when driving a low-end car. Hongyan Jieshi has excellent sealing and low noise

the second is that the vehicle runs smoothly without bumps. Although some Jieshi models are not equipped with airbag suspension, their shock absorption effect is better than that of some vehicles equipped with airbag. Anyone who has driven a high-end car knows that a high-end car drives very smoothly, especially when crossing a ridge or encountering uneven roads, it will not produce a very bumpy feeling; Another thing is that when driving at high speed, it is very stable, and you can't feel the vehicle driving at a very high speed

although some low-end cars feel that the engine is "roaring" and the car is shaking badly, they think the speed is very fast, but in fact, the driving speed of the car is not high. When Jieshi is driving at a high speed, the people in the car may not feel that the speed is very fast, which is one of the reasons why some drivers feel that Jieshi is not awesome. In fact, Jieshi's speed is already very fast at this time

third, the space of high-end cars is generally very spacious. Even if the cab is of the same size, the indoor space of high-end cars is also larger. This is the most obvious difference between all imported heavy trucks and many domestic products. Many domestic heavy trucks don't look much different from imported heavy trucks from Europe, such as man, Mercedes Benz, Scania, etc., but once you enter the cab, you will immediately feel that the space is very different

the driver's cab of imported heavy trucks is very spacious, which has a good utilization prospect. With the flat floor design (there is no big drum in the middle of the engine), the driver can easily walk from the middle to the co driver's seat, which many domestic cars can't do. If the driver wants to change to the co driver's seat, the fastest way is to open the door and get off, then open the door and get on the co driver's seat. Hongyan Jieshi not only has a large internal space in the cab, where the driver can stand upright, but also adopts a flat floor design. The driver and co driver can light up in the cab. It is mainly suitable for the loose transposition of plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials

the fourth point is that after opening the hood of a high-end car, you can see the neat harness and simple layout of parts, which is also available to Jieshi. Jieshi's electrical harness is very simple and tidy, and the layout of parts is also very simple

the fifth point is paint. The dealer identified that the paint surface had a very "The simple way is to judge the quality of the paint by looking at the reflection on the car body. If the reflection is very clear, the paint must be very good, and the general high-end vehicles can achieve such painting technology and level. You can take a picture of yourself on the jerlion, and then make a comparison with other models to see the difference.

in addition, jerlion also has excellent braking performance, which is different from the design of jerlion engine of Fiat power cursor engine has engine braking, which not only improves the braking performance, but also saves a lot of brake pads

here is another point of view by the way: a high-end car is definitely not a "high-end car" if you add an automatic transmission, increase the horsepower, and add some fashionable electrical appliances. This is like a car. The Mercedes Benz bought for 400000 yuan has not yet had the functions of automatic window closing and USB flash disk playing after leaving the car, but the Mercedes Benz bought for 40000 yuan has these functions

in fact, many people also know these advantages of Jieshi. Everyone's evaluation of Jieshi is "applaud but not win the audience". So, why is it difficult for Jieshi to measure

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