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Technology first, innovation never ends Polycom opens a new era of boundless office

recently, Polycom, which is committed to creating excellent collaboration experience for all workplaces, held a new product launch in Beijing headquarters and officially released four industry-leading innovative collaboration solutions. At the press conference, Mr. Yu Baosheng, deputy general manager of Polycom China, led everyone to review the development history of the company and introduced the strategic direction of the company: continue to lead the development of the industry from three aspects: Mobile Video Collaboration Scheme, cloud video collaboration and user experience. Subsequently, the new products real presence trio, real presence Centro, real presence debit and real presence mediaalign came on stage one after another

with the development of science and technology, people have more choices in their working methods. Modern work is no longer constrained by location and time, and mobile office and remote office modes are becoming increasingly popular. As a supplement to traditional meeting rooms, virtual meeting rooms supporting rich collaboration and new working methods, informal new design and operation around the two principles, meeting rooms and open spaces are increasing. It is predicted that the number of informal meeting rooms worldwide will increase to 10000 in 2016, while the vast majority of informal meeting rooms still lack collaboration support. Facing the increasingly complex office environment, how to help enterprises transform the changeable office space into a place for efficient communication and cooperation has become an urgent problem to be solved

in order to meet this challenge, Polycom took the lead in releasing industry-leading innovative solutions. These four solutions combine a number of patented technologies. The humanized design fully demonstrates Polycom's people-oriented service concept. The perfect shape and high-end technology will once again amaze the UC C industry. These solutions are applicable to various office scenarios, bringing a higher level of face-to-face collaboration experience to organizations of different sizes, and greatly promoting the upgrading of the traditional office mode to the "on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, and on-demand" office mode

real presence trio the industry's first team collaboration Intelligent Media Center

the unique Polycom real presence trio 8800 further upgrades the world's best octopus and promotes the transformation of traditional office mode. This solution turns the iconic triangle conference into a powerful intelligent system integrating voice, content sharing and video, which is suitable for conference spaces of different sizes. With real presence trio, users can quickly hold meetings through the one button function and enjoy the clearest voice call quality in the industry. By adding a camera lens, the solution can be used as a comprehensive video collaboration solution to turn any office space into an efficient work system. With such a deluxe conference, the traditional office will be more efficient, and the enterprise will be one step closer to the future office space

real presence Centro, the industry's first central presentation solution

research has found that when humans communicate and collaborate in a circular way, they will feel more comfortable. Polycom real presence Centro is designed based on human instinct. The patented polycom360 voice and video technology can automatically track speakers, display the situation of the entire conference room on the same screen, and allow participants to collaborate in the center of the conference, so as to enhance communication and speed up decision-making. It is simple to operate, can pair wirelessly with various devices, and has a unique built-in sensor, which improves the response sensitivity and interactive intelligence. This solution shows the cutting-edge technology and people-oriented service concept of Polycom, and further improves the new standard of enterprise collaboration experience

real presence debut is an enterprise class video conferencing solution designed for small meeting rooms.

Polycom real presence debut, designed for various temporary and small meeting environments, is a collaboration leader in dealing with complex office environments. Its simple and elegant design provides an enterprise level video collaboration experience for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited IT resources. Real presence debut is extremely cost-effective, integrating various excellent audio technologies of Polycom; Its application installation only takes a few minutes, the interface design is simple, and any user can quickly carry out meetings. At the same time, real presence debut supports industry-leading cloud technology, which is convenient for small and medium-sized enterprises to purchase, and can be deployed easily and efficiently without it support. This convenient, high-end and cost-effective solution will further meet the flexible collaboration needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in the era of mobile office

real presence mediaalign turnkey solution specially designed for multi network working environment

polycom real presence mediaalign further improves the unified collaboration and multi terminal collaborative operation ability of enterprises in complex office environment. This is a turnkey solution specially designed for multi network working environment, which can provide a consistent conference collaboration experience for the whole enterprise without changing the conference room. Realpresencemediaalign is the only solution that integrates Polycom's industry-leading patented Voice, content sharing management and video technologies. Its application and installation are fast and convenient, and it has extensive interoperability. It provides more advanced technical support for organizations of different sizes to connect troubleshooting methods anytime, anywhere: enjoy a perfect conference experience through any device

advanced video technology leads the development of industry trends

since Polycom entered China in the 1990s, it has been firmly at the top of the industry for more than 20 years, and how to maintain the advantage of industry leaders under the strong impact of many competitors at present? Mr. Yu Baosheng, deputy general manager of Polycom China, said: advanced video technology is our greatest advantage. Polycom has also been using advanced technology to realize the concept of video on the go and video on the go. We can proudly say that Polycom is the leader of the industry. But in the hands of many competitors, we also feel pressure. To relieve these pressures, we need to rely on our R & D team to develop advanced products and use them in our solutions

the key in the era of mobility is to deploy the location relationship that often leads to two situations. P> in 2015, Polycom put forward a new concept of "on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand. From then on, as long as there is a network, it can be transformed into a place for efficient cooperation. Mr. Yu said that in 2016, Polycom will continue to choose the right hydraulic universal material testing machine, deepen the concept of "on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, and on-demand video" to serve users in the whole industry. Just like the new solution released this time, it further promotes the implementation of this concept

president Yu said: multimedia communication is moving towards a mobile process, and the key in the mobile era is actually deployment. As long as the deployment is simplified and user-friendly, the market will have a wide range of applications

20 years ago, people did not dare to imagine that human beings could break through geographical boundaries for face-to-face communication, nor did they dare to imagine the full attack of the mobile era. However, Polycom's consistent innovative spirit and its pursuit of perfect user experience let us see an era that has come in the future

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