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Technology and cultural content are the key to tea packaging

what is the key to tea packaging? Relevant people believe that "tea packaging materials must be non-toxic, tasteless, well sealed, in line with national health standards, and beautiful and fashionable". In a strictly professional sense, the key to tea packaging lies in the role of different types of packaging

the big package is:

1. Keep the tea from deterioration and loss during transportation

2. It is easy to transport and save. Therefore, polyurethane anti combustion does not produce toxic and harmful gases. Water paint has attracted much attention in the construction field

3. do as the Romans do, and conform to the standards and customs of the importing country or the region where they are sold

4. Indicate the origin, place of shipment, unit of shipment, place of receipt of tea, and the variety, grade, quantity of tea, with moisture-proof marks, etc

small package is:

1. It is convenient for sales to carry

2. The novel form of decoration is coordinated with the characteristics of specific tea

3. Easy to promote products

4. easy to guarantee quality and store

5. Highlight the color of tea culture

it should be emphasized that no matter what kind of packaging, especially small packaging, we must take the storage period of famous and high-quality tea as the top priority; Mark the manufacturer, production date, sub packaging date, production license number, etc. according to law

the economic foundation of China's tea industry is inherently weak, with poor capital, information, processing, transportation, storage and other capabilities. After joining the WTO, the Chinese government will also promise to reduce tariffs, market access, trade freedom and other obligations, facing many challenges. Therefore, tea packaging can no longer simply stay on the preservation, display, transportation, etc., but better serve sales. As tanzhaorong, President of Tianjin Tea Association, pointed out, in the face of the new situation, "in addition to national standards, such as indicating the origin, name, grade, weight, etc., China's tea packaging should highlight the characteristics of the origin in the printing of patterns, which involves how to carry forward the spirit of tea culture."

Zhang Neng, a senior engineer in Shanghai, eliminated the problem of graphene sheet convergence. Zhongfei had unique opinions and asserted that "traditional Chinese tea packaging will be impacted", because "there is a big gap between the current situation of tea packaging in China and similar packaging abroad". In particular, the "iron tin" packaging, both the pattern and the level of production technology need to be further improved. Zhang Zhongfei said anxiously, "the form of small tea packaging in China is still difficult to adapt to export. The situation of 'first-class tea, second-class packaging and third-class price' has not changed much, and has not attracted the attention of relevant institutions."

many people in the industry with higher intensity and lighter weight call for: in the new situation, we should not only work hard on the quality of tea itself, but also strengthen the work on the quality and management of tea packaging. Some entrepreneurs put forward that some of the existing tea packaging standards were formulated in the 1990s, and it is worth considering whether they are applicable now. It is suggested that the relevant national departments, together with the tea association and the packaging Association, supplement and improve the original standards and introduce new tea packaging standards as soon as possible; At the same time, we should strengthen market supervision and management to make tea packaging more standardized

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