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With the effective control of the national epidemic, the order of social life has gradually become normal, and the demand for oilfield chemicals will continue to grow, but the epidemic prevention and control work should not be taken lightly. In September, the country will usher in the school season. In the face of a large number of returning teachers and students, how to ensure the health and safety of the campus has become the top priority of orderly promoting the resumption of school

temperature detection is the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control. After the epidemic, many local education management departments have required schools to do three inspections a day or morning and afternoon inspections, and take temperature measurement as an important prevention and control measure. However, the difficulty of temperature measurement on campus lies in the large number of teachers and students. Temperature measurement one by one is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also unable to track the temperature data of each student in real time. Therefore, once a student has a sudden abnormal body temperature, it is difficult to be found in time, thus affecting campus safety

the two solutions of Bluetooth make epidemic prevention intelligent

the key of epidemic prevention lies in prevention. Wearing masks and maintaining social distance are prevention, while Bluetooth provides accurate calculation for prevention through technology, making prevention accurate, automated and intelligent. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, many countries began to use Bluetooth exposure notification system (ENS) technology to help users judge whether they may have contacted the confirmed person. Moreover, the Bluetooth location service solution is also used to track the contact distance and time between people. Through the Bluetooth broadcast function for close sensing monitoring, the distance between two people can be calculated according to the signal strength of each other's Bluetooth devices, and the time point and length of encounter can be recorded

recently, the Bluetooth SIG announced that it was developing a specification standard for wearable devices to join the existing intelligent contact risk notification system. By extending the exposure risk notification system to wearable devices such as bracelets, small groups with low intelligence penetration, such as students for patients and the elderly living in nursing institutions, can join the use. At present, more than 130 Bluetooth member companies have joined the exposure notification working group (enwg) of the Bluetooth technology alliance to jointly formulate technical specifications for wearable devices to join the exposure risk notification system. The new specification will also have the same privacy and security protection standards as the original exposure risk notification system

in addition, the intelligent medical health monitoring solution based on Bluetooth data transmission technology has also played a good role. Through Bluetooth monitoring patch and Bluetooth off, the patient's body temperature, electrocardiogram, respiratory rate, blood oxygen volume and other new economic benefits of about 518million yuan can be sent to medical staff in real time, so as to minimize the contact between medical staff and infected patients and reduce the probability of cross infection and transmission

Bluetooth intelligent temperature monitoring system escorts teachers and students back to school

in China, scientific epidemic prevention with the help of Bluetooth has also become a trend. Member companies of the Bluetooth technology alliance have actively invested in the research and development of new applications by using Bluetooth technology to effectively prevent and control the epidemic. Beijing osmanthus Technology Co., Ltd. (Cassia networks, hereinafter referred to as osmanthus) has been committed to providing various reliable long-distance multi device connection, edge processing and location service solutions for the development of Bluetooth IOT for many years. At the moment of the epidemic, osmanthus closely cooperated with its partners and timely launched a campus resumption temperature measurement solution using Bluetooth bracelet and Bluetooth IOT in April 2020, which effectively solved the problem of time-consuming and labor-consuming body temperature monitoring in enterprise and campus epidemic prevention and control, and realized real-time continuous body temperature monitoring and alarm in work and study, as well as accurate tracking of close contacts after the epidemic, making it safer to resume work and school

taking school applications as an example, this kind of Bluetooth intelligent temperature monitoring system can uniformly manage each Bluetooth temperature measuring bracelet worn by teachers and students. Teachers and students only need to wear the temperature measuring Bracelet correctly for normal learning and life, and the bracelet will automatically measure temperature according to the time set by the system. After the temperature measurement is completed, the temperature data will be instantly displayed on the bracelet screen. At the same time, the temperature data will be uploaded to the health cloud platform through the Bluetooth router set up in the campus, and the temperature account will be automatically counted to realize data management

when the system detects a high temperature, the cloud platform will immediately issue a warning. At the same time, the teacher or parent's terminal will also receive an early warning message of the student's abnormal temperature, reminding them to take measures in time. Once there is a suspected case, the school can accurately obtain the action track of close contacts through Bluetooth positioning technology in the background, so as to ensure the safety of the campus. At present, the solution has been installed and deployed in many primary and secondary schools in Beijing, Northeast China and other regions, and has been introduced and extended to countries and regions such as Japan

zhaofuyong, founder and CEO of Beijing osmanthus Technology Co., Ltd., said that Bluetooth technology provides IOT services in this temperature monitoring solution, and is the soul and core of the whole set of automatic and digital temperature measurement system. Compared with other existing temperature measurement methods, the Bluetooth campus temperature monitoring solution is more time-effective, which can monitor the wearer's temperature all day, and the temperature data can be queried and shared, so as to achieve real-time early warning and verification, and eliminate potential risks in time

scientific epidemic prevention, science and technology first. In this special period, the Bluetooth temperature measurement solution can not only become an important new weapon for epidemic prevention and control in the campus, but also the Bluetooth IOT technology weaves a large security protection for the campus, guards the health and safety of every teacher and student all day, and escorts the safe resumption of school to carry out various work smoothly

about Bluetooth technology alliance

Bluetooth SIG was established in 1998 as a non-profit industry association responsible for the development of Bluetooth? Bluetooth technology. At present, the Bluetooth technology alliance has more than 35000 enterprise members and is committed to promoting cooperation among members. The special committee held a technology exchange meeting to create newer and stronger standards. In addition, we will continue to promote the development of Bluetooth technology, develop a world-class product certification program, promote global interoperability, and further promote its brand by improving the awareness, understanding and adoption of Bluetooth technology. For more details, please visit:

about Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth As a worldwide wireless standard, it has brought us simple and safe connections, and its annual shipments of technology related products have reached nearly 5billion. Since its establishment in 1998, the Bluetooth technology community has continuously expanded Bluetooth functions, promoted innovation, opened up new markets, and redefined global communications. Nowadays, Bluetooth has become the preferred wireless technology for developers in many solution fields, including audio transmission, data transmission, location services and large device networks

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