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Black technology is coming: Chenyang water paint smart Experience Hall creates a new experience of full scene retail.

black technology is coming: Chenyang water paint smart Experience Hall creates a new experience of full scene retail.

November 09, 2018

in the era of Internet +, various marketing models emerge in endlessly. In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of artificial intelligence, image recognition, voice search, IOT, big data, sensing and other related technologies, Continue to promote the emergence and implementation of new business models, especially the "new retail" and "smart Experience Hall" are very popular, and more and more stores seize the opportunity to build smart experience halls through reform and upgrading. As a powerful entrance to offline traffic, the smart Experience Hall is regarded by insiders as a new value mining point for new retail

new retail reform of the coating industry Beijing bird's nest exhibition hall, a new retail reform of the coating industry is being staged. Chenyang water paint will launch China's first water paint smart Experience Hall China paint in recent days. Unlike traditional stores, Chenyang water paint smart Experience Hall perfectly integrates environmental protection products with black technology. Cloud shelves, intelligent robots, water paint Intelligent Coating... And a number of interactive games with smart devices in series, crisscross the product presentation with intelligent playing methods to weave a fun interaction, capture users' eyeballs, and maximize users' stay in the store

we know that due to the limited area of the store and the limited ability to explain the product knowledge of the shopping guide in recent years, it is impossible for consumers to understand all products of Chenyang water paint, and they cannot have a more direct feeling about the brushing effect. However, with the smart Experience Hall, Chenyang water paint can quickly draw and render with the help of cloud technology, so that consumers can feel the virtual effect of painting design in their own home decoration in a short time, which greatly improves consumer satisfaction

to meet users' consumption upgrading needs, public data shows that in 2017, the proportion of payment used by consumers to shop in stores increased to 65.5%, and payment habits have become the mainstream. In 2017, the retail sales of online shopping nationwide reached 7175.1 billion yuan, an increase of 32.2% over the previous year, and the 3-kilometer takeout service of stores increased rapidly. This shows that online shopping, mobile payment, takeout services, etc., have become more and more deeply rooted in people's lives

in this context, smart experience stores use the combination of new technology and new retail concepts to solve the pain points of consumer experience and further meet consumer needs. Industry insiders believe that with the popularization of intelligent terminals and the continuous emergence of high technology, the coating industry will usher in better development opportunities, products and services will be more high-quality, and the user experience will gradually improve

from the perspective of consumers, the novel experiences of the smart experience Pavilion, such as earthquake, vehicle impact, explosion, etc., are the main reasons for them to go out of their homes, and naturally become one of the sources of store traffic. Most of these novel experiences come from various intelligent hardware and technologies, such as face recognition, intelligent large screen marketing, code scanning, etc. Configure ID similar to ID card for products through face recognition, and introduce products and recommend collocations through intelligent large screen. Behind the experience is the fact that China's plastic machinery enterprise market will further open up the functional changes of stores brought about by intelligent hardware

with the innovation and upgrading of artificial intelligence and consumption scenarios, it will provide differentiation advantages for more visionary and powerful enterprises. On November 11, Chenyang water paint will complete the new upgrade of the bird's nest exhibition hall, leading the industry's "new retail" reform and exploration

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