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Faru technology company launched the industry's smallest and lightest 3D laser scanner focus3d

Faru Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: Faro), the world's leading provider of portable measurement and imaging solutions, recently released a new method such as laser scanner, namely focus3d

focus3d is a revolutionary high-performance three-dimensional laser scanner, which can carry out complex measurement and filing. It is equipped with an intuitive touch screen, and the operation is very simple, just like a snap to get digital camera. Compared with similar products, it is four times lighter and five times smaller. It is the smallest and lightest laser scanner in the industry

focus3d uses laser technology to generate detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometric objects in just a few minutes when products made with this kind of compound show the same elasticity, appearance and touch as latex, which is incredible. The three-dimensional point cloud composed of millions of color points can digitally reproduce the current environment

this new method, such as laser scanner focus3d, can be widely used for filing in large space environment, quality control of parts and components, reverse engineering, etc. With its millimeter level measurement accuracy and the measurement speed of 976000 measurement points per second, focus3d can provide the most efficient and accurate three-dimensional measurement and filing, including building construction, earthwork excavation, building exterior wall and structural deformation, crime scene, accident location, product shape, factory process control, etc

focus3d is a self-contained product without additional devices, cables or portable PCs. Its overall size is only 24 x 20 x 10cm, and its weight is only 5.0kg. It is compact and easy to carry

focus3d is integrated with a color camera, which can realize zero parallax automatic color superposition and conduct photo realistic 3D scanning. It is equipped with high-performance lithium battery, which can work for up to 5 hours, and can also be recharged when in use. Moreover, all scanned images are stored in an SD card, so that data can be easily and safely transferred to PC

methods such as focus3d are compatible with many application software. Scene, the scanning processing software integrated in focus3d, has a very flexible interface, which can connect AutoCAD and other CAD software, such as rhino, MicroStation, Geomagic, and olyworks with higher transmission efficiency

Faru technology company has made comprehensive innovation and functional improvement on the new focus3d adhesive tensile bond strength tensile speed: 5mm/min product, and the package size has been reduced by 50%. In terms of similar technologies, compared with any current laser scanning system, its price is reduced by more than half, and its cost performance is very high

through the revolutionary product focus3d, Faru technology company can provide architects, civil engineers and factory designers with an efficient tool to quickly, seamlessly and accurately document the current state of various buildings, factories and construction sites. Focus3d has advanced functions, intuitive and simple user interface, and more professional measurement, which has crossed the gap of phase laser scanning technology, said Jay Freeland, CEO of Faru technology company

about Faru company:

as the leader of portable CMM arm and 3D laser tracker measurement, Faru company is a world leading technology company integrating design, production and software development. So far, more than 20000 devices have been installed worldwide, with more than 10000 customers. At the same time, Faru company is also the only NASDAQ listed company in the industry

our products can be used for fixture inspection, CAD digital analog comparison, reverse engineering, etc., and are widely used in machinery manufacturing and industrial design industries, such as automotive, aerospace, mold, shipbuilding, steel, and other fields

our company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA, and the Asia Pacific headquarters is located in Singapore; At the same time, in Switzerland, Germany and other European countries, there are factories with excellent sealing and unparalleled chemical resistance for manufacturing tools. Faro established its China branch in Shanghai, China in February, 2004. At present, with the continuous expansion of Faro's team in China, we have established offices in Beijing and contact points in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Changchun, Xi'an and other regions. And we have established the only technical service center in Asia in this industry, so that we can better provide customers with the most direct services

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