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"Black technology": the cloud platform commands the UAV to deliver blood to the hospital in 15 minutes

on August 10, the preparatory group for the smart medical sub forum of the first smart Expo learned that at this smart medical sub forum, the Cross Medical Technology Co., Ltd. from Guangdong will show the smart blood delivery process based on data AI + drone distribution: under the command of the cloud platform, the UAV only takes 15 minutes to deliver blood to the hospital

Chongqing is expected to start the construction of parking stations within two years.

"from accepting the deployment instructions issued by the 'blood cloud' platform, to unmanned aerial vehicles automatically loading 'black boxes' that can ensure the safety of different types of blood products, and finally flying through the city to the hospital in urgent need of blood according to the path plan given by the platform, the whole process (in the main city) can be controlled within 15 minutes." A few days ago, Wang Jian, chairman of Guangdong crossing Medical Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview that automatic loading of unmanned aerial vehicles is undoubtedly the fastest and safest emergency solution at present, focusing on the needs of special circumstances such as blood for surgery

it is understood that the company is negotiating strategic cooperation with relevant institutions and urban management departments in Chongqing, and is expected to start the construction of Chongqing blood delivery UAV shutdown station within two years

what about remote areas in Chongqing? Wang Jian said that different means of transportation can also be dispatched through the flight control platform. According to the existing design, hovering UAVs are used within 20 kilometers, gliders may be used beyond 20 kilometers, and helicopters are used for further places, such as emergency relief. However, no matter what kind of flight tool is used, it must rely on the intelligent cloud platform, that is, through the company's "blood cloud" platform to complete blood distribution and transportation scheduling

the smart platform can also realize cross regional adjustment with blood

it was learned in the interview that the UAV solves the problems of blood emergency needs and safe transportation, while the "blood cloud" smart platform solves more than transportation. Based on the project of strategic cooperation with the national supercomputer, "blood cloud" can achieve very powerful functions. The first important function is to ensure the safety of blood

Wang Jian said that taking Jiangsu Province as an example, by the end of 2017, 26719 blood donors with positive infectious diseases had been found on the spot among the public who registered blood donors through the "blood cloud" platform, and this information was entered into the "blood cloud" platform through big data. In the future, when these blood donors were encountered again at any blood donor point connected to the blood cloud in the country, they could be automatically identified and blocked

in addition to ensuring blood safety, blood resource allocation is also an important function of "blood cloud". "For example, Chongqing lacks a certain type of blood, so we can query the inventory of nearby blood banks through the cloud platform and provide adjustment support." Wang Jian said that the ideal adjustment time for crossing the "blood cloud" is to be able to complete the whole adjustment and delivery within a few hours, but the current conditions are not mature

it is divided into lever 4-ball experimental machine and hydraulic type from different loading. It is reported that at present, it has been distributed in 120 cities in 20 provinces across the country through the "blood cloud"

Chongqing is building a "smart blood station"

in addition to safe blood collection, safe transportation and national adjustment of blood resources, a "smart blood station" convenience system has also been built through the "blood cloud". Now, the system has been put into use in Chongqing blood center

on the service number of Chongqing blood center, we can see that blood donors can find the nearest blood donation point only by making an appointment. After completing the blood safety examination, they can also read the examination results

it is understood that at present, our city is building a "smart blood station". If the blood products are used by the immediate relatives of blood donors or themselves in the treatment process, they need to apply for reimbursement at the blood station with the blood donation certificate. Now, the whole reimbursement process can be completed only through the operation of the mobile terminal

Wang Jian actually constantly optimizes and tests to realize the manufacturing of final products. He said that at the smart medical sub forum of this smart Expo, they will bring unmanned aerial vehicles and other equipment to the scene for transportation demonstration. "It is expected that the equipment may be damaged by plugging in the wrong interface; the interface on the plug-in controller must be powered off. The display of this smart Expo will further promote the cooperation between 'blood cloud' and Chongqing public health." (Li Heng)

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