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Today, the 2018 World Mobile communication conference hosted by GSMA association was held in Barcelona, Spain. The conference brought together nearly 800 mobile operators from more than 220 countries and more than 230 mobile ecosystem industry chain enterprises. It is a golden stage for many operators and equipment terminal operators to release the latest scientific research achievements

as a well-known enterprise in China's artificial intelligence industry, daki technology attended the meeting, and presented its unique intelligent black technology achievements at the scene, displaying several of the most representative latest research achievements under the cloud, and end-user product architecture, attracting a large number of intelligent technology enthusiasts to stop and watch

at the cloud level, daki technology demonstrated the cloud intelligent robot architecture Hari (human augmented robotics Intelligence) on site. This architecture is based on large-scale neural networks, excellent algorithms and a lot of training, and integrates artificial intelligence and machine intelligence to realize deep autonomous learning of cloud brain. Under the Hari framework, it can provide a variety of cloud based intelligent services for human ontology, especially for security devices under extreme conditions, including site learning, autonomous navigation, face recognition, object recognition, natural language and data analysis

at the network design level, daki technology shows VBN enterprise expertise covering the world, providing high-speed and safe network services through software defined network (SDN), software defined boundary (SDP) and blockchain technology. Its mobile inline cloud service MCS with independent intellectual property rights, while the coordination gap of ordinary rib is difficult to adjust (mobile intranet cloud service), which can not only realize mobile office, It can also ensure safety by entering the built invisible network space

at the terminal level, daki technology has brought many products, such as data cloud intelligent controller, cloud pepper service robot, security robot, cloud AI Raman material detection terminal, which is designed to connect the cloud brain with the local torso. Compared with the previous exhibition achievements, at this exhibition, daki technology has brought a new product portfolio -- in addition to cloud pepper, which has been unveiled many times, and meta intelligent blind guide robot, a practical artificial intelligence blind guide terminal that has attracted much attention in the industry, two new R & D achievements have been unveiled at the world-class exhibition for the first time. They are cloud AI Raman material detection and handheld ultrasonic terminal, The magical function has attracted the attention of many on-site visitors

at present, supported by the architecture of cloud, and end-to-end products, daki technology has launched many cloud based intelligent landing products. In addition to the products that come to the scene, there are also intelligent products such as security patrol robots, global manipulation and grabbing robots, robot controller data, and they are widely used in real estate, hotels, banking, education, medical treatment, public security and law enforcement industries. At the same time, daki technology can connect the unique mobile intranet platform architecture with the customer system, customize the knowledge with industry characteristics, and Hebei Shijiazhuang customers visit Jinan assaying factory library; Launch long-term and short-term rental services for designated intelligent products according to actual needs; It has created a more flexible and customizable characteristic operation mode in the field, and is a more extensive landing and large-scale commercial geotextile testing machine for artificial intelligence. Its main specifications are 10kN, 20KN and 50kN forces, so that the robot can really go to the front line of production and enter thousands of households

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