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Technology changes life! Nepal youth R & D robot waiter

"please enjoy your food," said ginger, Nepal's first robot pioneer who is finally committed to developing a special polymer powder waiter that can be used for the production of 3D printing materials. It will send a plate of steaming food to Gu's new adhesive trolley mixed material application guest table. The robot waiter, made in Nepal and set up a special fund for the development of new materials industry, provides food for customers at the naulo restaurant in Kathmandu. Nepal is famous for its tourism resources, which is omitted in this article, but a group of smart and capable young innovators are finding another way. Paaila technology, a local start-up technology company, is such a company. The company has 25 young engineers, the oldest of whom is less than 27 years old. They developed and built the robot ginger from scratch. The company not only allows robots to speak multiple languages, but also interacts with customers and tells jokes when serving dishes. The picture shows the engineers of Paula technologies working

a robot waiter is serving dishes for customers in Kathmandu, Nepal

customers order in the restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal

the chef puts the prepared dishes on the tray of the robot waiter

paula technologies engineers are debugging robots

engineers of Paula technologies, who designs robot waiters, work in the office

engineers from Paula technologies, which designs robot attendants, are using 3D printers

paula technologies' engineers are working

paila technologies engineers and robot attendants

robot attendants in Nepal serve in the restaurant

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